Recommended Cincinnati Concerts: Twin Peaks at Woodward Theatre (Sept. 20)

Chicago dudes brings their Psych melodies and rumbling, rambling Rock back to Cincinnati this week

Sep 18, 2018 at 12:10 pm

click to enlarge Twin Peaks - Photo: Daniel Topete
Photo: Daniel Topete
Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks is restless. The quintet — drummer Connor Brodner, multi-instrumentalist Colin Croom, bassist/vocalist Jack Dolan, guitarist/vocalist Clay Frankel and guitarist/vocalist Cadien Lake James — grew up together on Chicago’s North Side. The group bonded early over a shared love for Rock & Roll in its various guises, encouraging each others’ developing tastes for ’60s Garage Rock and Psych Pop,’70s Punk, ’80s Indie Rock and more. As such, it was no surprise the band’s first two albums, 2013’s Sunken and 2014’s Wild Onion, reveled in the sonic bedlam of the members’ musical upbringing.

Things begin to evolve on 2016’s Down in Heaven, a more laid-back, almost wistful set of songs that brings to mind The Band after several six-packs of Old Style and stacks of cold pizza slices.

Twin Peaks’ latest recorded endeavor, Sweet ’17 Singles, is even more eclectic, gathering songs they dropped in pairs throughout 2017. The collection’s dozen tracks range from “Under the Pines,” which rides the Peaks classic meld of Psych melodies and rumbling, rambling Rock, to “Fat Chance,” an acoustic ditty that wouldn’t be out of place on a John Prine record.

“We’re over the go-as-loud-as-we-can phase and we’re trying to get a better sound,” Dolan said in a recent interview with Nebraska’s The Reader.

Dolan said for the next full-length album, the band wants to concentrate even more on its craft.

“When we were doing the singles series, we didn’t have a few months to work on it,” he said. “For the next record, we built our own little headquarters to record in at Treehouse Records (in Chicago), and we want to take time off to make it great.”

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