RIP Gangnam Style, New Grohl

The fluke superstar of 2012, Psy, says his huge hit single has gotten too popular and he may retire it, Dave Grohl puts together Sound City Players to pimp new film at Sundance and Kanye and Kim announce they are to have a big-bottomed, very confident ba

click to enlarge Psy and friends caught in a blizzard
Psy and friends caught in a blizzard

There is a God

Is the song that all of us will one day use to talk about how dumb people were in the 2010s actually being retired? In what may just be 2012’s greatest Christmas miracle, Korean rapper and dance sensation Psy told MTV that his stupidly popular hit “Gangnam Style” would be “ending” after he performed it on the Dick Clark Memorial New Year’s Rockin’ Eve featuring Ryan Seacrest show (or whatever it’s called). Psy said it seemed like the right time to kill off the “too popular” tune (he’s six months off, but we’ll take it). He said he would perform the hit at upcoming concerts overseas, but he’s eager to drop a new single so every can start completely ignoring it. Remember Right Said Fred’s second big single? Me neither.

More Grohl Whoring

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl has formed a new band and, thankfully, it’s not a “Nirvana but featuring so-and-so in Kurt’s spot” thing this time. Grohl, who used his appearance with Paul McCartney at the 12.12.12 benefit concert for hurricane victims to tackily launch the ad campaign for his forthcoming documentary film/album project about the famous Sound City recording studio, is set to appear at the Sundance Film Festival this month for the film’s premiere. He’ll also debut his “new band,” Sound City Players. Spin reports that the group includes musicians Grohl recorded with for the film — so it could be anyone from Paul McCartney and Trent Reznor to, um, Rick Springfield.

The Bold and the Bootyful

The greatest performer in the history of Hip Hop (it’s true, just ask him), Kanye West, and the celebrity known for her undeniable celebrity-ness, Kim Kardashian, are having a baby. Kanye leaked the news like most fathers-to-be — during a concert in Atlantic City on Christmas Eve, where he introduced Kardashian from the stage as his “baby mama.” Kim confirmed news of the future Kardashian who (presumably) will have an ass almost as big as his/her ego. Though they’ve denied anything is in the works, how can Kimye’s experience as parents not be an E! reality show? The best news for the rest of us — anticipating the future hilarity that will ensue when they announce what could be the worst celebrity child’s name since Moon Unit Zappa. My predication? “Lamborghini” if it’s a boy; “Lamborghina” if it’s a girl.

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