Rodney Carrington

Friday • Taft Theatre

Jan 14, 2015 at 10:56 am
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Rodney Carrington

Rodney Carrington is a songwriter and comedian who is not afraid to go “blue,” talking about the things we all experience in life that are of an adult nature. When he brings his show to the Taft, it will definitely not be for those with sensitive ears.

Carrington’s approach, which mixes stand-up and original songs, is from a common man/woman’s viewpoint. He relates to middle class folks who are trying to make it in the world — those who have gone from single and carefree to married, having kids and working for a living. (One piece of Carrington’s advice, for example, is to not start off a conversation with your wife with the words, “Your fuckin’ mother …”)

Some might consider Carrington’s comedy lowbrow, yet it is in the “even the Queen of England takes a dump twice a day” tradition, cutting through the pretense in a self-depreciating and down-to-earth way. The parody songs he mixes in with his stand-up include his ode to breasts called “Show Them To Me,” “Sing You Bastards/Burning Sensation” and others.

Carrington was the lead in an ABC network sitcom from 2004-2006 called Rodney and he also co-wrote and acted in that gem of a movie, Toby Keith’s Beer For My Horses. This past summer, his concert special Laughter’s Good premiered on the CMT network.

RODNEY CARRINGTON plays at Taft Theatre Friday, Jan. 16. Find tickets/more info here .