Rosemary Device CD Release Party

Nov. 25 • The Mad Hatter

Nov 24, 2009 at 2:06 pm

On Wednesday night at Covington’s Mad Hatter, local Rock foursome Rosemary Device celebrates the release of its self-titled debut CD. Openers for the Thanksgiving Eve show are The Brothers and The Sisters, Famous Mr. Nobodies, The Lions Rampant and Crashing Plains.

Rosemary Device formed when guitarist Brett Scharf — then trying to keep his band Spindle together after lineup shifts — got together for a test writing session with Brandon Migliorisi, formerly of Krinj. The chemistry was immediate, and the duo added drummer Markie Schulte and bassist Ben Franks to flesh out the new band. The debut was largely recorded with producer/engineer Mike Major, the Florida-based mixman who has worked with At the Drive-In and Sparta.

Major gives the band’s tracks a big, beefy sound, but it’s the tunefulness of Rosemary Device’s radio-friendly songwriting that makes the band so effective and destined for wider exposure. Though peripherally similar to some of the Pop/Emo music that gets a lot of attention these days, RD’s songs come off less forced and calculated and, therefore, a bit more timeless. Songs like “I Believe” and “Blackout November” have huge, anthemic choruses that soar form the speakers, while Scharf’s guitars offer an interesting textural component.

With such a strong introduction, Rosemary Device should have no problem picking up where Spindle (which had a record deal and tour dates with bands like Fall Out Boy before falling apart) left off and taking things even further. Learn more at

(Get show and venue details here.)