Rubblebucket with Vacationer

Saturday • Woodward Theater

Apr 1, 2015 at 10:26 am

Born in Burlington, Vt., and headquartered in New York City, Rubblebucket is a perfect storm of Pop precision, Soul passion, Art Rock quirk and Ska bob-and-weave choreography. Even a cursory spin through the band’s third and best album, last summer’s brilliantly loopy Survival Sounds, reveals a talented group of musical changelings who can bounce off the satellites with the screwball quiver of The B-52s, howl with the focused lunacy of Fishbone and jerk with the rhythmic intensity of Talking Heads, while making it all seem like a peyote-fueled marionette carnival conceived and soundtracked by Dirty Projectors.

Rubblebucket grew out of the convergence of vocalist Kalmia Traver and trumpeter Alex Toth in a Latin Jazz outfit after meeting at the University of Vermont. The pair struck out on their own, recruiting members along the way, until Rubblebucket was fully operational in 2007. The extended group’s potential was explored effectively on their first several albums — including 2009’s Rubblebucket and 2011’s Omega La La — but Survival Sounds is a marvel of musical acrobatics and perfectly slinky arrangements, a flawless presentation of Rubblebucket’s off-kilter gifts. Last year was really a breakout one for Rubblebucket; Survival Sounds was praised by The New York Times, Spin and Noisey, while NPR hailed the track “Carousel Ride” one of the year’s 50 best songs.

Desperately needing a break from touring, Rubblebucket parked the van last December, but the urge to create proved stronger than the members’ exhaustion. As a result, Traver and Toth worked up a rousing and irresistible cover of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room,” which can be found (and downloaded) on SoundCloud. Prepare to hit that right arrow more than once.

If you were witness to Rubblebucket’s unhinged performance at the Know Theatre last September for Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival, attendance at the Woodward Theater show isn’t even a question. It’s as mandatory as death and taxes — and a whole shitload more fun.

RUBBLEBUCKET plays Woodward Theater this Saturday. Tickets/more info here .