Ruckus Roboticus

June 25 • The Stand

Jun 21, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Dayton native and now world-renowned DJ/mixologist Ruckus Roboticus has a new EP out, and he’s coming to Cincinnati to celebrate.

Ruckus has been drawing national praise since the 2008 release of his debut full-length, Playing with Scratches, which charted on the CMJ charts in the Top 10 and also helped him become “in demand” for his remix abilities (he’s done mixes for Bloc Party, Lady Tigra and Vampire Weekend). Ruckus’ inventive collaging of sound returns on the new The Chicks EP, which gets “album release partied” this Friday during the monthly dance party Dip Dip Dive at The Stand in Mount Lookout; he’s joined by resident DJs C. Witzel and Marty Spitfly.

Ruckus is the rare mixologist who manages to be incredibly creative and exploratory while also being remarkably accessible, entertaining and, of course, danceable.

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