Sara Watkins

Oct. 13 • St. Xavier (high school) Performance Center

Cincinnati was recently graced with Sara Watkins’ presence when she opened for Dawes in the Taft Theatre’s basement Ballroom. She’s coming back, and this time she’s the headliner.

This is far from her first time headlining tours, though. Watkins comes from a whole family of musicians who meet up with friends to perform out in California. She was also a member of the young Bluegrass group Nickel Creek, a band that saw countless weeks on Billboard, tons of airplay and many, many, many tours. 

When Nickel Creek first hit the airwaves, its three members were still in their teens and it was only a matter of time before they were ready to take some time apart. The splitting of the band led to even better independent projects, like Chris Thile’s Punch Brothers and Watkins’ beautiful solo work, which often features her brother and former Creeker, Sean Watkins. For fans, it’s the chance to see various versions of Nickel Creek a little more often than they might have if the band were still together.

Watkins’ newest album, Sun Midnight Sun, starts off with a loud burst of Celtic flare but quickly falls into a mellow, fiddle-laden Rock that perfectly suits Watkins’ voice. The album includes guest spots from Fiona Apple and Jackson Browne, but hearing the new songs should be equally pleasing live without the cameos.

SARA WATKINS performs Saturday, Oct. 13 at the St. Xavier High School Performance Center.

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