Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit, a fan favorite of the past two MidPoint Music Festivals in Cincinnati, has died

Police confirm body of missing frontperson for the Scottish Indie Rock band has been found

click to enlarge Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit at the 2017 MidPoint Music Festival
Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit at the 2017 MidPoint Music Festival
Scott Hutchison, the frontperson of Scottish Indie Rock band Frightened Rabbit, has died. Police have confirmed that Hutchison’s body was found in Edinburgh, Scotland Thursday night. He was 36.

Fans, friends and family members of Hutchison grew worried when the singer went missing and was in a “very fragile state” after having been last seen leaving a hotel Wednesday at 1 a.m.

Frightened Rabbit became favorites in Greater Cincinnati thanks to several tour stops over the years. CityBeat’s Steven Rosen interviewed Hutchison in 2010 before the band’s show at Newport, Ky.’s Southgate House and an acoustic in-store performance at Northside’s Shake It Records. In the interview, the musician referenced his social anxiety as a child and told of how it gave the band its name.

“That name relates to the nickname I was given by my parents when I was younger,” Hutchinson explained. “When I was forced into social situations with other kids, I wasn’t very responsive. I would just sit in the corner, frightened-rabbit look on my face. So I thought it would be fun to name a band that, since hopefully (I) would be playing in front of lots of people.”

Frightened Rabbit also was a favorite of Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival — the band performed at the 2016 and 2017 editions of the festival. (This morning, MidPoint tweeted, "Thank you for sharing your music and light with us. Rest peacefully and much love to @FRabbits.)

Hutchinson’s peers and supporters have been expressing their grief and fondly remembering Hutchinson’s kindness, including Cincinnati area fans. On Facebook, local musician Dave Purcell of Pike 27 writes, “We saw Frightened Rabbit at the last two Midpoints and I was really taken by how kind and gracious Scott was on stage.” Benjamin Davis of Cincinnati's Bad Veins, which has toured with Frightened Rabbit, posted video of the two acts performing together in San Diego and said on Facebook, of his experiences with the group, "We had a lot of great times I'll cherish the rest of my life."

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