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A trio of Greater Cincinnati’s finest musical artists unveiled top-notch new singles in the past few weeks.

click to enlarge Wonky Tonk’s new two-song release, "Love Detox." - Photo: Provided
Photo: Provided
Wonky Tonk’s new two-song release, "Love Detox."
• Last week, Northern Kentucky singer/songwriter Wonky Tonk (aka Jasmine Poole) celebrated the release of a vinyl 7-inch titled Love Detox. Issued by Brooklyn, N.Y.’s Leesta Vall Sound Recordings (, the release features just two tracks, but they show the breadth of Wonky Tonk’s unique gifts and her ability to jump off from a traditional “Country music” base and take the listener into new and unexpected territory. “Peter Pan from Brooklyn” is an ominous, sweeping dirge laced with ghostly back-up vocals, crackling, distorted guitars and storm-like atmospherics, while “Four Letter Word” is a more direct and minimal acoustic-and-strings tune. But both songs bleed emotion and showcase Poole’s amazingly charismatic songwriting style. Poole was assisted with the recordings by an impressive array of area musicians, including Kate Wakefield, Kristen KreftBrian OliveDead Man String Band and Paul Patterson.

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• Another impressively talented and original area singer/songwriter who performs under a pseudonym, JSPH (aka Joseph Nevels), has released another stellar single that showcases his progressive, modern slant on Soul music. “lifeLESS” — which was premiered in early February at — features JSPH’s warmly intense vocals and seductive melodies wrapped around a throbbing, sparse beat and augmented by synth stabs in the chorus. JSPH has scored some much-deserved national attention, like airplay on Pharrell’s show on Beats 1 Radio and the inclusion of “lifeLESS” on Spotify’s “Weekly Buzz” playlist, and the strength of this latest single suggests that spotlight will shine even more brightly on him moving forward.

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• Cincinnati legends The Tigerlilies have scored positive notices for their new 7-inch single for North Carolina-based Sir Gregory Records, which features the songs “Lovers Du” and “Shipwrecked.” The tracks were recorded last year in the downtown space that once housed the historic Herzog studio, where Hank Williams recorded American standards like “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” (among other classics). The quartet sounds as great as it ever has on the single — “Shipwrecked” in particular ranks with some of the best songs in The Tigerlilies’ illustrious catalog of hyper-melodic, Punk/Glam Rock/Post Punk-inspired gems. With bubbling rhythmic bounce and swagger provided by the rhythm section of Brian Driscoll (bass) and Steve Hennessy (drums), singer/guitarist Pat Hennessy and guitarist Brendan Bogosian provide extra sparks with their Television-like six-string tango. 

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February Local Music Playlist at

Last month, CityBeat launched a new playlist feature showcasing music from some of the new releases by Greater Cincinnati artists to come out each month. Stay tuned to the music section at to listen to the February installment this week.

This month’s playlist has music written about in Spill It over the past four weeks, like a pair of tracks from Jade, the latest album by (mostly) instrumental Progressive Rock crew Peridoni, a couple of songs from rockers Injecting Strangers’ likely final EP, Dyin’ to Be Born, and “Living On Top,” the title track from Brian Olive’s forthcoming full-length that CityBeat premiered earlier in February. The playlist also includes other tracks that caught our attention this month, including excellent songs by Brandon Coleman Quartet, SoftspokenBreak Up LinesClinton JacobWolfcryer (whose “Facing Down the American Dream” is a benefit release for DCCH Center for Children and Families), Strange Creature (which celebrates its new Get Strange album with a release party Friday at Northside Tavern) and local Jazz duo Brad Myers & Michael Sharfe, whose new album, Sanguinaria (Hopefulsong), will be celebrated with release gigs in March (check this space for more on the full-length in a forthcoming issue). 

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