Dec. 23 • Stanley's Pub

Dec 7, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Although they didn’t grab any mantle accessories at this year’s Cincinnati Entertainment Awards ceremony, the audience reaction when Skeetones were announced for their nominations in the New Artist and Electronic categories is evidence that the band might consider drafting acceptance speeches for 2011. The band has been generating big buzz since its official debut just over a year ago. The irony of the Best New Artist nomination is that the members have played together in various projects for a while.

“It’s nice that we’re nominated for Best New Artist, and we’ve been playing together for like eight years,” drummer Robby Brokamp says. “We came out of nowhere.”

The band actually began in 2007 as Dr. Feelgood and the Skeetones, but frontman/songwriter Shawn Bosse’s exit forced the remaining Tones (Brokamp, keyboardist Taylor Magnarini, guitarist Mike Lees) to adapt quickly to a newly edited lineup. Percussionist/DJ (and Robby‘s brother) Cole Brokamp and bassist David Sweitzer joined, taking a busman’s holiday from their duties in Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar.

“A lot of people still consider us a Jam band because of all the live improvisation we do on stage,” Sweitzer says. “But we’re trying to get more of that Electronic aura and not be that typical Jam band like Phish. We’re trying to break outside that box and still keep to our roots.”

Skeetones perform a pre-Christmas show at Stanley's Pub in Columbia-Tusculum (details here).

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