Slightly Stoopid with Zach Deputy

Friday • Madison Theater

Aug 27, 2014 at 8:57 am
click to enlarge Slightly Stoopid (Photo: Doug Hac)
Slightly Stoopid (Photo: Doug Hac)

As interest in Reggae-flavored Punk rose exponentially in the mid-’90s, Sublime’s Brad Nowell went out on a sturdy limb and founded Skunk Records in order to find and nurture bands that mined a similarly groovy vein.

One of Nowell’s signings was Slightly Stoopid, a band of Ocean Beach, Calif., high school dudes that hybridized Punk, Surf, Reggae, Hip Hop and Metal into a slinky, jammy confection that cut across genres and attracted fans from all directions. When Nowell discovered Slightly Stoopid, the band was anchored by teenaged guitarists Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald. The band’s 1996 eponymous debut (featuring a bass cameo from Nowell) attracted the same attention showered on Sublime after Nowell’s untimely OD demise, and while its output was similarly inspired and constructed, Slightly Stoopid was clearly a different animal, digging deeper into Dub and Hip Hop as the years rolled on. The band’s 1998 sophomore album, The Longest Barrel Ride, displayed Surf influences, but the band exhibited its adaptability with the self-released Acoustic Roots live set in 2001.

After 2003’s Everything You Need for the Surfdog label, Doughty and McDonald brought new blood into the lineup and incorporated even more diverse musical influences on 2005’s Closer to the Sun; followed by its first electric live album, 2006’s Winter Tour ‘05-’06 Live; and the group’s breakthrough, 2007’s Chronchitis, featuring co-production by the Butthole Surfers’ Paul Leary and guest appearances by G. Love, Fishbone’s Angelo Moore and Money Mark.

Slightly Stoopid has taken plenty of unwarranted flack over the years for being Sublime-ly derivative (the members outgrew and expanded on that after Nowell’s death), but the group has always shone brightest in the live context. Take lots of pictures when you see Slightly Stoopid; it will help you remember what a great time you had.

SLIGHTLY STOOPID plays Covington's Madison Theater Friday, Aug. 29. Find tickets/more info here .