Smokin’ Grooves: Cincinnati Sounds That Might Go Well with Your Next Legal or Illicit High

Celebrate 4/20 with our "Cincinnati High" playlist

Apr 16, 2019 at 3:10 pm

Just as the social mores of marijuana use have shifted, so too has the go-to music most associated with smoking (or ingesting) weed. Whereas Jazz, Reggae and Psych Rock might’ve been the most pigeonholed as pot-smoking music back in the day, today that musical spectrum has greatly expanded, embracing everything from the deep bass thumps of Hip Hop to the entrancing swirl of EDM to the dreamy Indie Pop haze of Shoegaze and Dreamgaze.

Really, any music can be conducive to marijuana use; it largely depends on the user’s tastes and moods. Sometimes a song can just hit you at the right time, co-mingling with the THC to create a transcendent musical moment. If you’re looking for a soundtrack to your next smoke session — perhaps you even just got a legal prescription and are going to try some tinctures for the first time — here are a few tracks by a variety of artists from Greater Cincinnati that just might hit that sweet spot.

The Lemon Pipers — “Green Tambourine”

Sacred Mushroom — “Catatonic Lover”

Devin Burgess featuring Miir — “Sundaze”

Strange Mechanics — “Whatever the Funk”

In the Pines — “I’m Good”

Speed Walton — “Crusade of the Alien Stoner”

Lemon Sky — “Err”

Moira — “Blacking Out”

Joesph — “The Unfortunate Yucatan Fire”

Common Center — “Kicks in the Reef”

Soften — “Snow”

The Cliftones — “Hold Steady”

A Delicate Motor — “Appear and Disappear”

Skeetones — “Stalagtight”

Ray’s Music Exchange — “Gauva Girl”

Mohenjo Daro — “Chappelwallah”

TALK — “Bareskin”

Buffalo Killers — “The Path Before Me”

Electric Citizen — “Higher Time”

Comprador — “Flower Parts”

Sungaze — “Whisper”

Dawg Yawp — “Why I’m Here”

The Harlequins — “Not Yet Dead”

Juan Cosby with CJ the Cynic — “Inhospitable Planet”

Valley of the Sun — “Land of Fools”

Peridoni — “Follow Thru”