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Friday • Bogart’s

click to enlarge Snoop Lion (or Snoop Dogg, if you prefer)
Snoop Lion (or Snoop Dogg, if you prefer)

With so much drama in the 5-1-3, it’s kinda nice hosting Snoop D-O-double-G who, somehow, some way, claims he smokes 81 blunts, like, every single day.

Apologies for the dated “Gin and Juice” homage, as “Snoop Lion” is the preferred stage name for the newly converted Rastafarian — whose spiritual pilgrimage to Jamaica was well documented in Vice’s exposé Reincarnated. Perhaps “With so much drama in Zion, it’s kinda nice hosting Snoop Lion” would be more fitting of an intro, but too late now.

In late 2012, Snoop claimed in a Reddit AMA session that he smoked a staggering 81 blunts every day. Let’s explore what it means to smoke that much* in preparation for the Reggae rookie/Hip Hop veteran’s performance at Bogart’s this week.

A mere mortal’s blunt weighs 1.2 grams but, judging by the size of the joints and blunts being passed between Snoop and Wiz Khalifa in their “French Inhale” music video, it’s safe to assume Snoop’s blunts weigh closer to 2.5 grams. That means he’s smoking more than 7 ounces. Every day. A quality blunt filled with the finest-grown Rasta blessings burns for 25 to 30 minutes, consisting of 35 heavy drags, or hits. Snoop would be taking 2,835 hits of blunt smoke throughout the course of one day. This is conjecture, with the calculations being made under the assumption that all 81 blunts are being smoked only by Snoop, which is certainly not the case. But, regardless, Snoop is notorious for getting an entire generation stoned as fuck.

*All figures are based upon years of unflagging personal research. 

SNOOP LION performs at Bogart's this Friday, Feb. 21. Click here for details .

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