Snoop’s Accidental Tourism Ad

Plus, Malcolm McLaren's son to burn millions of dollars' worth of Punk memorabilia and Gwen Stefani gets LinkedIn

Bogata is dope, yo
Bogata is dope, yo

HOT: Snoop’s Accidental Tourism Ad

Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg, who has shilled for everything from Hot Pockets to a line of pot-vaporizing products, accidentally lent his substantial branding power to a tiny village in Romania recently. The MC posted a selfie on Instagram while on tour and instead of tagging his actual location (Bogotá, Colombia), he tagged Bogata, Romania instead. The Transylvanian-area village, home to only a couple thousand residents, took the mistake as an opportunity to drum up some free tourism advertising. The website now boasts that the village is the “best place for chillin’ in Romania,” and proclaims “Snoop Dogg checked into Bogata… by mistake, but you don’t have to!”

Never forget — Snoop Dogg actually did this:

WARM: Burning Punk Down

The government in the U.K. is helping honor the 40th anniversary of British Punk. “Punk London,” an ongoing celebration of the music’s British roots, is backed by the mayor of London and, reportedly, the Queen herself. If you don’t see the irony, look up the song “God Save the Queen.” Joe Corré, son of Sex Pistols’ manager Malcolm McLaren and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and founder of the Agent Provocateur lingerie company, is protesting Punk’s transformation into a “fucking museum piece” in a manner that would make the originators proud. Corré says he will burn his vast collection of Punk memorabilia (estimated to be worth around $7 million) on Nov. 26, the 40th anniversary of the Sex Pistols’ “Anarchy in the U.K.” single.

COLD: Stefani Gets LinkedIn

If these music, fashion design or TV things don’t work out for Gwen Stefani, the singer is now in prime position to land a new job. The occasional No Doubt singer/solo artist/The Voice coach launched an account on LinkedIn timed to the release of her latest full-length, This Is What Truth Feels Like. Apparently someone on Gwen’s team felt the site’s notorious barrage of daily spammy emails was a great way to promote her album.

Employers seeking "hollaback girls" — we'll tell you now that Gwen's just not going to work out:

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