Sound Advice: Bronze Radio Return with The Roosevelts

Thursday • Southgate House Revival

Oct 21, 2015 at 8:56 am
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Bronze Radio Return

It’s so easy to wind up jaded by new music. In a world where even the “influencers” have blatant and utterly trite influences, where can we find new music that isn’t already tired and played out? Bronze Radio Return hopes to turn up in your search.

The East Coast sextet doesn’t exactly offer

up something entirely new. However, Bronze

Radio Return takes what Top 40 listeners love about Pop Rock and brings it to the next level. Infectious beats? Got ’em. Uplifting lyrics? They’re

nailing them, song after

song. The band’s new album, Light Me Up , isn’t even a week old

and the track “Keep or Lose” has already been obsessively memorized.

There’s not a single track on Light Me Up that won’t make feet dance across floors and knuckles knock on desks.

Bronze Radio Return is not for the cynical, though. Tracks like “Build a Stage” are straight out of the optimistic discographies of bands like OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons. Shuffling your feet just isn’t good enough. Light Me Up is meant to be danced to, smiled about and shouted along with. 

If you want to experience an entirely immersive, cult-like form of happiness, go see these dudes this week. Bronze Radio Return will delight every Pop-lovin’, good-day-havin’ fan in the crowd.

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