Sound Advice: Justin Furstenfeld with Ashleigh Stone

Tuesday • 20th Century Theater

Jun 16, 2015 at 2:14 pm
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Justin Furstenfeld

It’s been 20 years and a lot of hard times since Blue October formed, but Justin Furstenfeld and the gang aren’t done yet. For Furstenfeld, the band isn’t just a way to pay the bills — it’s therapeutic. Over the course of seven albums, he’s used songwriting to deal with break-ups, divorces and a gruesome custody battle. He’s also opened up about drug and alcohol abuse and his mental health. Along the way, Twilight author and fellow Texan Stephenie Meyer stumbled upon the sounds of Blue October and mentioned them to her fans. You can imagine how that played out. Furstenfeld’s sincerity kept fans hooked much longer than Twilight.

With a new wife and an adorable daughter, it’d be easy for Furstenfeld to distance himself from his dark past and shy away from “dealing” with fans. But that’s not his style. Facebook is littered with fan pics posted by the singer. It seems as if a routine trip to Target isn’t complete without running into a fan, stopping for a pic and listening to their story. He remembers their names. He shares their stories.

It seems for every plugged-in Blue October show (including a recent impromptu benefit for Texas flood victims), Furstenfeld also makes time for something even more intimate. The shows on his “Open Book” tour bring a mix of stripped-down Blue October songs, discussion and Furstenfeld reading from his 2009 book, Crazy Making:

The Words and Lyrics of Justin Furstenfeld to the Music of Blue October

. Ever wanted to know the story behind your favorite song? If you’re a Blue October fan, you’re not left in the dark. Furstenfeld is truly an open book … and he’s a book worth reading.