Sound Advice: Kataklysm at Urban Artifact (June 3)

Death Metal heavyweights' limited U.S. dates include a Cincinnati stop with Jungle Rot.

May 29, 2018 at 11:53 am

It’s no surprise to anyone to learn that making it in music nowadays is a grueling endeavor. The era of the superstar is largely coming to an end as income has shifted from record sales potential to hard-scramble touring revenue and hopefully some merch kickbacks. While there will always be flashes in the pan, regardless of genre, the bands who put in the time and effort are the ones that are ultimately rewarded with notoriety and remembered as something more than “that one guy… you know the one.”

This concept even carries to the edges of the music world with bands like Death Metal heavyweights Kataklysm, who have been active since 1992 and have been cranking out albums like clockwork, culminating in the June 1 release of Meditations. In its over 25-year history, the band has released album after album of unrelenting Death Metal savagery. In a genre dominated by hacksaw guitars, blistering double bass and thrashing vocals, it pays off to be one of the bands that helped define the sound.

But it’s not all smashing faces with hammers for Kataklysm; throughout its history, the band has woven in melody and showcased its technical profanely amidst the chaos, giving the listener more to sink their teeth into than just ear-shattering brutality. Every release has enabled the band to hone its output and expand a genre that inspires rigid devotion to tradition.

The band’s local release show (free album for every attendee!) is one of only four dates in the U.S.

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