Sound Advice: The Record Company (Oct. 10)

The contemporary Blues trio brings songs steeped in history but forged in the new millennium to 20th Century Theater.

Oct 5, 2016 at 10:41 am

The Record Company - Photo: Jacob Blickenstaff
Photo: Jacob Blickenstaff
The Record Company
The Record Company is one of those rare bands that are far removed from their own time and place and yet somehow are firmly anchored in the here and now. The contemporary Blues trio from Los Angeles first formed in 2011, coalescing around a mutual love of the electric reinvention by authentic players like John Lee Hooker, the British Rock translation by the likes of the early Rolling Stones and raw first-generation Punk bands like The Stooges.

The threesome — guitarist/vocalist Chris Vos, bassist/vocalist Alex Stiff and drummer/vocalist Marc Cazorla — isn’t interested in retro revivalism. The members want to make their own unique mark with original songs steeped in history, but forged in the new millennium.

For the past four years, The Record Company has toured relentlessly, including opening slots for B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Brian Setzer and Social Distortion, and released a consistent string of singles and EPs that have raised the band’s profile immeasurably. The Record Company’s Blues/Rock version of The O’Jays’ “Love Train” was used in a Coors Light commercial that same year, and the band’s No. 1 Billboard Adult Alternative hit, “Off the Ground,” was tapped by Miller Lite last year. The trio’s presence on television shows has been beneficial and varied as well; CSI, Shameless, Suits, Nashville and Orphan Black have all utilized Record Company songs on their soundtracks.

It’s not too hard to draw a line between The Record Company and late model Blues translators like The Black Keys and Morphine. Vos plays impressive slide guitar runs that are reminiscent of Dan Auerbach, and he often sets his guitar aside to concentrate on vocals, leaving Stiff as the lone guitarist, which leads to Mark Sandman comparisons. The Record Company’s debut full-length, Give It Back to You, was released early this year and made an immediate impact at radio and on the charts. This is one Record Company you can absolutely trust.

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