Strike Anywhere with Four Year Strong, This Time Next Year and Title Fight

Feb. 9 • The Mad Hatter

Feb 1, 2010 at 2:06 pm

A lot of Punk bands’ political activism extends as far as sporting a stylishly ripped Che Guevera T-shirt, but Strike Anywhere isn't a band that wears its politics on (or as) its sleeves. You'd be hard pressed to find a more informed and literate group of guys playing political, social and cultural manifestos at skin-blistering volume with a melodic punch for fans that they hope to educate every bit as much as entertain. Take a stroll through the FAQ on the quintet’s Web site and you’ll quickly glean that Strike Anywhere is a Punk band unlike most others.

The original band assembled in Richmond, Va., more than a decade ago in the wake of the dissolution of frontman Thomas Barrett’s previous outfit, Inquisition. They understood both the philosophy of Punk as well as its inherent value as a marketing device and honed their sound by adhering to the former and avoiding the pitfalls of the latter; the band’s cagiest commercial move was to allow their music to be used in a series of Tony Hawk video games.

Strike Anywhere was active in the Rock Against Bush campaign in 2004 and have endeavored to empower their fans with the knowledge that they have the ability and the right to change the things that are wrong with the world, society and government.

On 2006’s Dead FM, Strike Anywhere veered away from political sloganeering and began writing songs that were more sociologically reflective, a shift that was mirrored in their music’s turn toward more overt melodies. Although 2009’s Iron Front, named for the Nazi resistance group of the ’30s, garnered decidedly mixed reviews, no one has ever doubted Strike Anywhere’s resolute political passion and the sincerity of their shouted message, delivered by way of lyrics as explosive and as targeted as a smart bomb.

School’s in session, and Strike Anywhere’s lesson plan is in order. Get ready for the most Punk-ass professors on campus.

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