Stumping and Singing

Plus, Pantera singer Phil Anselmo is down with white (wine) power and everyone is repsonsible for the Guns N' Roses tour

Feb 3, 2016 at 9:31 am

HOT: Stumping and Singing

After Vampire Weekend played a Bernie Sanders rally recently, The Guardian did a rundown of popular musicians who vocally support U.S. presidential candidates. Bernie certainly attracts the “coolest” kids, with Lou Barlow, Thurston Moore, Lil B and Jello Biafra pledging to feel the Bern. Hillary Clinton has heavyweights like Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Elton John and Snoop Dogg in her corner. Donald Trump supporters include (obviously) Ted Nugent and (sadly) Loretta Lynn. Meanwhile, Kid Rock’s down with Ben Carson, Jonathan Davis likes Rand Paul and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Johnny Van Zant and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds are all in for Marco Rubio. Alas, the writer could not find a single musical star supporter of Chris Christie, John Kasich or Ted Cruz. Which makes Ted sad :(

WARM: White Wine Power?

During a recent tribute to late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott in Hollywood, former Pantera singer Phil Anselmo made the “Heil Hitler” salute and allegedly said, “White power.” Out loud! Sounds inexcusable, but Anselmo seems to have a legit (or at least reasonable) excuse. The singer has since "apologized," but initially said an inside joke of the night that revolved around the musicians drinking white wine was the source of his “joke.” Still, as a general rule, unless you’re at a Klan or Trump rally, making a Nazi salute and saying “white power” are probably near the top of the list of things not to do while in public. Some of Phil's peers are not giving him a pass, including Scott Ian, Brazilian band Angra and the new guitarist for Evanescence, while Anselmo's band Down is starting to lose gigs over the outburst.

COLD: I Reunited Axl and Slash

There, I’ve said it. I’m responsible for the upcoming Guns N’ Roses tour. I don’t know what I did, but with so many others taking responsibility for the Axl/Slash/Duff reunion, I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring. The latest to take credit for the GNR reunion is Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who said he ran into Axl and said, “You need to get fucking back together again soon, because we all miss you.” Then — bam! — three or so years later it happened! GNR tweeted thanks to the “many people” taking credit for the upcoming shows, “especially those we haven’t spoken to in numerous years.” You’re welcome, guys.