The Great Cincinnati Music Trivia Challenge

Think you know everything about local music? See how you do on this pop quiz, hot shot!

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Photo: Brittany Thornton

Trivia and I have had a long relationship. From growing up a TV addict and watching years of Jeopardy! with my family to combing music and entertainment magazines for the most miniscule facts, I imagine I'd be a hell of a lot smarter if my brain weren't filled with so much useless information.

I'm the guy people call when they need to know the name of the creepy robot kid on Small Wonder or who sang the theme to The Greatest American Hero. (Answers: Vicki and Joey Scarbury, believe it or not!)

Since my spongy mind seems capable of absorbing only such trivial pursuits, I didn't become a doctor or a lawyer or the President. There isn't enough room up there for all that "smart" stuff.

Doctorates in Irrelevant Pop Culture Tidbits weren't available when I went to college. Instead, I put my knowledge to moderately good use by becoming a music writer and editor.

Now, at long last, my two great loves — local music and trivia — come together in CityBeat's first "Great Cincinnati Music Trivia Challenge." The goal is to have some fun and hopefully point out interesting facets of our city's rich musical history — because CityBeat is cheerleader No. 1 for Cincinnati's music community.

If you get all of these questions right, call my boss — you might just be in line for the music editor position at a certain local alternative newsweekly. If you don't know any of the answers, call The Enquirer. They still need a music writer and don't seem very interested in the local music scene.

See all the answers here.

If you get 1-30 questions correct: You read CityBeat once while taking a dump at a Burger King in Middletown. You think Sudsy Malone's is a new detergent from P&G and Bootsy Collins played linebacker for the 1984 Cincinnati Bengals.

31-60 questions correct: You occasionally go to the clubs to see some of these crazy bands that dare play their own music. You know what King Records is, but you think the Afghan Whigs is the name of that old weave store down on Seventh Street.

61-80 questions correct: You have a great grasp on the local music scene. You've been to MidPoint every year, bought more than four CDs from local bands in the past six months and have a table at your favorite local music venue where you sit every time.

81-100 questions correct: You're obsessed. You can name every member of Cari Clara but can't name more than two players on the Reds or Bengals. Or you're just really good with the Google.

1. The Replacements' Tommy Stinson played bass on this band's 2002 album.

2. Two members of this long-running, still-active local band were name-checked on The X-Files.

3. Which of the following nicknames was not bestowed by Funk legend Bootsy Collins?
Catfish Collins

4. This popular music legend and Country music pioneer recorded "Lovesick Blues" and other legendary tracks at 811 Race St., Downtown, now home to CityBeat. Name the entertainer and the studio.

5. Northern Kentucky's Adrian Belew played guitar on all of these albums excepting which one:
Tom Tom Club's Tom Tom Club
Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral
David Bowie's Lodger
Jean Michel Jarre's Zoolook
Talking Heads' 1977
Tori Amos' Strange Little Girls
Mike Oldfield's Earth Moving

6. This singer for a popular '80s Cincinnati Punk band has the same nickname as a character in The Archies comic books. Name the band and the singer.

7. This platinum and gold Funk band formed at Kentucky State University in 1976, and one of their biggest hits prohibited wallflowers from cluttering the disco round. Name the group and the 1983 song.

8. This local band contained the future frontmen of both Freekbass and Tonefarmer as well as the co-writer of a Record of the Year Grammy winner.

9. In 1991, Chicago indie label Atavistic Records (which also released music by Cincy Pop/Rock legends The Tigerlilies) put out a box set of colored vinyl singles that featured Cincinnati area bands on each side. Name the compilation and at least two of the local bands featured.

10. What popular local band opened for Billy Idol in the '80s at Riverbend?

11. Name the local TV show inspired by Soul Train that lasted one season and was hosted by songwriter Kenny Smith.

12. Name the long-running local band that scored a local hit with the song "Sex on a Regular Basis."

13. This Hip Hop group signed to TVT Records and gave renowned producer Hi-Tek his start.

14. Match the local artist with the national record labels to which they were once signed:
1. Frazier River
3. The Bears
4. Over the Rhine
5. July For Kings
6. Pay the Girl
7. Blessid Union of Souls
8. Czar-Nok
9. Afghan Whigs
10. Throneberry
11. Lazy
12. Bottom Line
13. The Ass Ponys

a. A&M Records
b. TVT Records
c. Alias Records
d. MCA/Decca Records
e. Maverick Records
f. Capitol Records
g. EMI Records
h. Virgin Records
i. Roadrunner Records
j. Primitive Man Recording Co.
k. MCA Records
l. Columbia Records
m. IRS Records

15. Connect the local band with the label to which they're currently signed:
1. Rose Funeral
2. Beneath the Sky
3. 500 Miles to Memphis
4. Daniel Martin Moore
5. Heartless Bastards
6. Buffalo Killers
7. Foxy Shazam

a. Sub Pop Records
b. New Weatherman
c. Alive Records
d. Metal Blade
e. Fat Possum
f. Deep Elm Records
g. Victory Records

16. Snoop Dogg would probably have fun repeating this Hip Hop group's name if he could add the word "nuts" to it. They made three albums and had only three members, contrary to their name. Who were they?

17. Coryville street harmonica legend Archie was featured on the front cover of a split single by two of Cincy's most popular bands covering each other's songs. Name the local label that released the 7-inch, the two bands and the songs they covered on the release.

18. Following Oxford, Ohio's The Lemon Pipers' No. 1 hit "Green Tambourine" in the late '60s, what oddly-titled single was chosen as its followup (it failed to chart)?

19. Local Metal band Simple Aggression recorded a 1993 CD for a label founded by what former local Metal guitar god?

20. What 1980s Punk Rock band featured the future guitarist for Funk faves SHAG?

21. Name the two Cincinnati guitarists who have been members of G.G. Allin's old band (now Merle Allin's tribute to G.G.), The Murder Junkies.

22. This contemporary Cincinnati DJ/Hip Hop legend has worked with Hip Hop heroes like Atmosphere, Gym Class Heroes, El-P and Sage Francis.

23. The Afghan Whigs wasn't the only local band to put something out on Sub Pop Records. Name the band that released a 7-inch through the label as a part of its popular "Singles Club," which also included releases by The Flaming Lips, Urge Overkill, Nirvana, Dwarves and Ween.

24. Name the local guitarist/actor who had a bit part in the Jodie Foster movie Little Man Tate.

25. What Lincoln Heights choir director won a Grammy in 1981?

26. Veteran bassist Chris Walker has played bass with an astounding number of local bands. Which band below did not feature the four-stringed talent of Dr. Walker:
Heavy Weather
Big Whiskey
Working Class Villain
The Walker Project
The Naked Redheads
The Whitney Barricklow Band

27. This young local female Rap/Pop duo signed to Warner Bros./Reprise and released Worldwide, an album that included a collaboration with Hip Hop legend Kurtis Blow.

28. The Ass Ponys' song "Mr. Superlove" was featured on the soundtrack to this campy 1996 send-up of a Shakespeare classic.

29. Before breaking up, this straight-edge Hardcore band recorded an album for a label that shares a name with the year MTV debuted. Name the band and the label.

30. Jazz giant Stan Kenton gave this local Jazz legend (who is a member of the Cincinnati Entertaniment Awards Hall of Fame) his "noble" nickname. Name the legend and the nickname.

31. Name the onetime singer for Uncle Six and the young Blues guitarist whose band he would later join.

32. Name the popular '80s Punk band — known for songs like "Newport Gestapo" and "Death to AOR" — that shared its name with a member of U2.

33. Peter Greenberg, an original member of pioneering local Garage band The Customs, was also a member of what Boston-based first-wave Punk band that recorded its major-label debut with Flo and Eddie of The Turtles producing?

34. This local band's self-titled EP from the '80s came in at No. 182 in the book Stairway to Hell: The Top 500 Best Heavy Metal Albums in the Universe, written by legendary Rock scribe Chuck Eddy.

35. In 1994, Scotti Bros. Records released a tribute album dedicated to the songs of a contemporary Rock & Roll icon. The album featured bands like Everclear, Silkworm and Cincinnati's Throneberry. Name the performer for which the album was a tribute.

36. Long before Lil Kim spread eagle on the cover of her debut, Big Momma Thang, which Paisley Park lady-rapper-in-waiting/Sharonville native did Prince market (unsuccessfully) to strip clubs?

37. Which band won the first Artist of the Year award at the inaugural Cincinnati Entertainment Awards in 1997?

38. Now making sweet Electronic Pop as one half of the Seedy Seeds, Mike Ingram was previously a member of this beloved local Punk/Pop trio.

39. What AltRock sensations did singer Ali Edwards front before forming Indie Rock sensations Ruby Vileos?

40. What local radio personality was tributed in songs by both Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk?

41. Name the early Noise band that featured Dana Hamblen and Kendall Davis, later of the band Ditchweed.

42. All of the following Cincinnati bands won the top prize in local Alt radio station 97X's 97Xposure contest except which one:
The Highwaymen
Lizard 99
The Rottweilers
Beel Jak
Brian Lovely and the Secret
Bu Bu Clan
Love Cowboys
The Simpletons
Emily Strand
Messerly and Ewing

43. Though more famous for other activities, this Cincinnati-bred singer/songwriter had his "cult classic" songs covered by Guns 'N Roses and The Beach Boys.

44. What local kid-friendly singer/songwriter was nominated for a Grammy in 2004?

45. J Curve Records released an album that was a tribute to Jazz guitarist George Van Eps. What late local guitarist recorded the album?

46. All of the following artists got their starts in Cincinnati but moved out of town to find their fortunes — except one. Which one?
The National
Fireball Ministry
Marcy's Playground
Boom Bip
Creeper Lagoon

47. This King Records session player — who still calls the Cincinati area home — can be heard on King hits like Wynonie Harris' "Good Rocking Tonight," Little Willie John's "Fever" and Hank Ballard's "The Twist."

48. This Cincinnati R&B singer had a hit in the '70s with "I Will," a song by Dick Glasser that was also covered by Dean Martin and Billy Fury.

49. The 1983 WEBN Album Project — an annual vinyl album release that featured Greater Cincinnati music — contained a minor regional hit titled "Bus Full of Nuns." Name the artist who recorded the song.

50. Which of the following musicians was never a member of The Fairmount Girls?
Marnie Greenholz
Chris Schadler
Sally Salacious
Jane McBrain
Mark Zero
Randy Cheek
Erin Proctor

51. The following groups contain a) siblings, b) a husband/wife combo or c) none of the above.
1. Ellery
2. Entheos
3. Over the Rhine
4. Wolverton Brothers
5. The Maladroits
6. The Stapletons
7. The Goshorn Brothers

52. Born in Evanston, this Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated singer/actress has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was inexplicably given the nickname "Eunice" by Rock Hudson.

53. Name the female-fronted Death/Thrash Metal band that records for indie label Ibex Moon Records.

54. In 1995, bassist Michael Bany was murdered following a gig in Over-the-Rhine. At which (since closed) club was he performing and with which band was he playing?

55. Name the two-piece Punk/Metal band that released a "beer-colored" vinyl single on the label run by Bay Area concert-poster-art legend Frank Kozik.

56. Match the real names to the stage names:
1. Mr. Dibbs
2. Bootsy Collins
3. Wake the Bear
4. Ricky Nye
5. Freekbass
6. DJ Empirical
7. H-Bomb Ferguson
8. DJ Hi Tek

a. Scott Cunningham
b. Chris Sherman
c. Robert Ferguson
d. Stephen Boyd
e. Tony Cottrell
f. Rick Neiheisel
g. Brad Forste
h. William Collins

57. This Jazz drummer and bandleader — who backed James Brown on occasion and had one of his albums produced by Brown — went on to open his namesake restaurant in Northern Kentucky in 1984.

58. On May 29, 1988, BPA, Doc & the Pods, The Auburnaires and The Reduced played the final show at what legendary Northern Kentucky club?

59. Cincinnati-based King Records wasn't the only label Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Syd Nathan was affiliated with. He had a hand in all of the following except which one:
a. Queen Records
b. Federal Records
c. Audio Lab
d. Premiere Records
e. Deluxe Records
f. Bethlehem Records

60. What was King Records' biggest hit single?

61. Before forming the Indie Rock duo Bad Veins, what two local bands were Ben Davis and Sebastien Schultz members of? (Hint: One of the pre-Veins bands played Lollapalooza in Chicago in 2005.)

62. This local "big band" leader and pianist Patrick Kelly provided music for what 2003 film starring Sideways' Virginia Madsen?

63. What local Country singer dueted with Blues diva Sweet Alice Hoskins on a cover of Rockabilly/R&B staple "Good Rockin' Tonight" on the King Records tribute album Hidden Treasures?

64. This cigarette brand was a sponsor of the "Jazz Festival" (now the Macy's Music Festival) until 1988, when Coors Light took over.

65. This late local Jazz guitarist was the house guitarist at Concord Records in the '70s and played with Benny Goodman.

66. Name the writer who started the Scene & Heard local music column in the weekly paper Everybody's News (which was eventually taken over by Mike Breen, who used it as inspiration for Spill It in CityBeat).

67. In the late '60s, what local band — frequent performers at the famed Ludlow Garage — opened for Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company at Music Hall?

68. Vince Gill was once guitarist for this nationally-successful Country/Rock band that found its biggest success after relocating to Cincinnati in the 1970s.

69. This Jazz guitarist released Sunny Side Up in 1978, the first album put out by Columbia sub-label Tappan Zee, founded by Pop/Jazz artist Bob James.

70. This late, legendary local Blues pianist with a "Porkopolis"-worthy nickname was born on an island off the coast of Georgia as a member of the Geechee tribe, founded by a group of former slaves known for keeping strong ties to their African culture and language.

71. This Cincinnati native and Blues musician wrote the 1993 book Going to Cincinnati: A History of the Blues in the Queen City.

72. What blind Cincinnati Blues giant recorded singles for the Fraternity label that featured guitar work by Lonnie Mack?

73. This internationally-acclaimed Experimental music artist appeared on a compilation from Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace Records as a member of the band Sissy Spacek.

74. Along with his work for local musicians, this local photographer has shot album covers for the Neville Brothers, B.B. King, Bill Frisell, Randy Newman, Lyle Lovett and The Muffs.

75. The novelty group called The Rim Shots created a 1960s dance in honor of what popular University of Cincinnati sports alum?

76. Name the popular venue for Bluegrass musicians that once occupied the same room later called Local 1207, The Overflow and Harry's Bar and Pizza.

77. Before becoming a superstar, Eminem was criticized for repeating "punchlines" at two large MC freestyle competitions in 1997. Name the local festival that was one of the two (the other was the Rap Olympics in L.A.).

78. The Raisins, Rockduster, Wheels and The Modulators appeared on this nine-episode live music TV series that aired on Cincy's public television station WCET in 1980.

79. Auto Glamour Sound was a 2006 compilation CD dedicated to what local record label that featured artists like 11,000 Switches, Cointelpro and Dementia Precox?

80. This Grammy-nominated local producer received a Dove Award (the Christian music equivilant of a Grammy) in 2003 for his work with Phil Keaggy.

81. Name the '90s trio that featured a howling two-bass attack and was infamous for an alleged brawl with The Supersuckers and Reverend Horton Heat that began in Sudsy Malone's and spilled out onto Short Vine.

82. This Cincinnati-born singer/songwriter recorded the original version of "Tainted Love," which would resurface as a hit in the '80s by Snyth Pop duo Soft Cell.

83. What Cincy-bred Soul crooner replaced G.C. Cameron as The Spinners' lead, joined Funkadelic on classics like "Not Just Knee Deep" and was a member of Bootsy Collins' side production The Sweat Band?

84. From what 1981 Electro Punk and b-boy classic song does this line emerge: "Clinton's musicians such as Bootsy Collins raise expectation to a new intention"?

85. What Cincinnatian was considered the "Queen of the Blues" prior to Bessie Smith, recording the first solo Blues record, "Crazy Blues," with Okeh in 1920?

86. Co-produced at Ligosa Studios by legendary House DJ Frank-Ski, this 1991 album was recorded in one day and cranked out one "shitty" dance hit. Name the group and their aptly-titled hit.

87. Which native Cincinnatian/saxophonist played with Count Basie's band from 1953 to 1964 and composed the legendary Jazz composition "Shiny Stockings?"

88. She was the siren behind hits by 1990s Techno Pop act Snap but quietly co-produced songs with American Idol's Randy Jackson.

89. Where was the Blue Wisp Jazz Club originally located?

90. This Vibe magazine co-founder and Spin magazine editor is from Cincinnati and probably was inspired by his mother, who used to write dance columns for The Enquirer.

91. Stephen Foster, the "father of American music," wrote this standard in the mid-1800s while living in Cincinnati. The song became an anthem for the California Gold Rush.

92. The song "Daylight" by this local Funk/Soul band was sampled on A Tribe Called Quest's 1990 hit "Bonita Applebaum."

93. Contrary to popular belief, the Afghan Whigs weren't the first band from outside of the Pacific Northwest to be signed to Sub Pop Records. Name the band that was.

94. All of the following are or were Cincinnati-based record labels except which one:
Deary Me Records
Limited Potential Records
Blue Jordan Records
Violently Hip Records
Strugglebaby Records
Tiberius Records
J Curve Records

95. Pat Hennessy, singer/guitarist for The Tigerlilies, struck a James Bond pose on the cover of Bulletproof, the 1994 Estrus Records release by these local Garage kings.

96. This former Cincinnati Bengal co-wrote one of Bonnie Raitt's biggest hits. Name the Bengal and the song.

97. The song "Universe.Universe" by Cincy Indie/Roots/Blues/Garage trio The Sundresses claims this iconic American figure is "the Enemy."

98. Recently reformed, this Cincinnati band tacked a "U.S." onto its name due to potential conflict with a British band best known as giving a start to the U.K.'s most notorious male junkie.

99. This local Latin band recorded a merengue version of The Beatles' "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" on its 2000 album, ´Donde Estas?.

100. Name the 1989 compilation album — released by John James, owner of the late Wizard's Records — that featured songs by the Afghan Whigs, Bucking Strap, Bovine Militia, The Thangs and Liquid Hippos.

Extra Credit No. 1: We all know the Afghan Whigs were originally called The Black Republicans, right? Name two of the pseudonyms the band used when they performed "secret shows" locally at such bars as Top Cat's and Sudsy Malone's.

Extra Credit No. 2: The inaugural MidPoint Music Festival in 2002 used 12 total venues: seven in Over-the-Rhine, one Downtown, one in Covington and three in Newport. All of the Northern Kentucky venues are still operating; how many remain open today on the Ohio side of the river?


Mildred Fallen, John Fox and Dan McCabe contributed to this quiz.

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