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Warts And Ball

Pee-wee sports teams are often sponsored by local small businesses, meaning they usually have non-threatening names like the "Crazy Joey's Used Car Emporium Demons" or the "Zippy's Tax-Returns-in-24-Hours Bombers." But a soccer team in Lincoln, England, has nabbed a sponsor that should make their 10-year-old opponents pee their knickers. The BBC reports that the team has struck a deal with legendary Heavy Metal kings Motörhead to sponsor the club, thanks to the coach's friendship with the band's singer, Lemmy Kilmister. The team will reportedly take the field to the strains of "Ace of Spades" and the band's logo — featuring the monster-skull, Snaggletooth — adorns their uniforms. The report didn't give the team's name, but, really, can you do better than the "Lincoln Facial Warts"?

The Ultimate Protest?

Earlier this month, Malachi Ritscher — a sometime musician known in the Chicago music scene as a tireless supporter of experimental and improv music — committed suicide to protest the war in Iraq. Ritscher ran a Web site that featured show listings, photos, artwork and musings, and he was also known as the definitive documentarian of the scene, recording shows several nights a week at various Chicago clubs (his recordings have been released by artists like Ken Vandermark and Isotope 217). The Friday before Election Day, Ritscher reportedly doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire just off the highway during rush hour traffic. A sign saying "Thou Shalt Not Kill" was reportedly found near the body. Ritscher sent a package to the owner of Free Jazz label Okka Disk with a will and instructions for what to do with his belongings (including the recordings of an estimated 2000 concerts).

He also wrote his own obituary and a suicide note on his

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