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You Are What You Hear?

An extensive study of people's listening habits and what they say about their personalities and personas is being conducted by University of Leicester psychologist, Dr. Adrian North. The British shrink's initial research surveyed over 2,500 Brits, who were asked about their musical likes as well as questions about their personal lives (relationships, employment, education, political beliefs, etc.). The results were far from shocking, but sure to ruffle some feathers; Hip Hop and Dance music lovers had the highest percentage of respondents who admitted to committing a criminal act and they were also the most likely to have tried illegal drugs. 28.7% of Hip Hop fans said they had more than one sexual partner in the past five years, compared to only 1.5 % of Country music fans (read as: Hip Hop fans have more fun). Meanwhile, Classical and Opera fans were shown to make more money and pay more on their monthly credit card bills than any other music's followers. Oddly, a quarter of Classical music fans have tried pot and 12.3% of Opera fans have dabbled in psychedelic mushrooms. And if you like Black Eyed Peas, Celine Dion and Toby Keith, you are functionally retarded (OK, so that's from our extensive research). North, who says he was shocked to find that such research has been limited and largely contained to the U.S., is looking to expand his study to get a larger pool of subjects. He hopes to have over 10,000 people participate in a larger, global study, which is being facilitated by an online survey. To lend a hand, head over to

The Shirt Hits the Fan

In more science news, the next great invention for modern civilization has been announced. First electricity, then the polio vaccine, then the personal computer and now ... the air-guitar T-shirt! In Australia, scientists have announced that they have concocted a shirt that features built-in censors which pick up the wearer's arm movements and interpret them as guitar riffs. Millions of AIDS sufferers in Africa will no doubt be thrilled to hear that the busy scientists have also tinkered with the technology to make — and this is not a joke — the "air tambourine" shirt. Meaning we will finally be able to perfect our legendary Linda McCartney costume for next Halloween. Common cold cure? Who needs it!

Ozzy ... With More Cowbell?

As much as we love Christopher Walken, he has the acting range of a paraplegic. So he might be in for the role of his career when he becomes Ozzy Osbourne in the upcoming movie version of Mötley Crüe's autobiography, The Dirt. Crüe singer Vince Neil told ABC News about the casting (can't wait to see Walken snorting a line of live ants!), adding that Val Kilmer will appear as David Lee Roth. So who's the Crüe? Brad Pitt as Tommy Lee? Ashlee Simpson as Nikki Sixx? Bea Arthur as Neil? A corpse as Mick Mars? Sadly, we will be spared these inspired castings; the group will reportedly be played by unknown actors.

Emo How-To

It's the time of the CD-releasing year when new albums give way to "greatest hits" discs, live recordings, box sets and other gimmicky collections, all jockeying for your hard-earned Christmas money. Vegas-spawned Emo stars Panic! At the Disco only have one album out and have been together about two years, but they are already getting the "box set" treatment with the release of a special edition of their breakthrough/debut, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. But the collection isn't just full of music and DVD footage — it's a virtual Emo starter kit. Along with lyric cards, a tour program, a poster, a "cabaret mask" and other trinkets that go along with the burlesque/cabaret theme of the band's videos and image, reports say the set includes a 140-page blank diary so you too can whine about how much life, like, totally sucks. Girl jeans, Red Bull, angular haircuts and bloated sense of self-importance not included.

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