The Stairway to Heaven is only 150-foot Tall

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Apr 18, 2007 at 2:06 pm

Rock & Rollercoasters

It has been announced that the Hard Rock Café is developing a Rock & Roll-themed amusement park in Myrtle Beach, set to open in spring of next year. One of the centerpieces is a 150-foot tall rollercoaster called "The Stairway to Heaven." Not sure we want to ride anything named after a band named after a "lead balloon," but who can pass up the chance to choke on their own vomit, just like John Bonham? Other rumored rides: the Guns N' Roses "Use Your Delusion" coaster (there's one huge hill, then you just go around in circles for the rest of the ride), "The Gary Glitter Vietnamese Tea Cups" (you must be this small to ride), The Eagles' "Hotel California Megadrop" (riders pay $300 per ticket for a 15-second free fall) and the "Kurt Cobain About a Tilt-A-Whirl" (we call "shotgun!").

A Real Baller

Usually, athletes establish themselves in sports and then (often unwisely) pursue a career in Rap. Shaq, A.I. and others have not had the greatest luck in crossing over, but Percy "Romeo" Miller might have better success in the sports and music worlds by taking the reverse route. Percy "Romeo" Miller (son of MC/entrepreneur Master P, also a stellar athlete/rapper) has committed to playing basketball at the University of Southern California next year (joining much-hyped former North College Hill standout OJ Mayo). The former "Lil' Romeo" is said to be putting his acting and rapping career on hold while attending school. It seems like just yesterday that Romeo was showing off his 1,000-plus sneaker collection and incredibly expensive car (which he could only sit in, being several years away from getting his driver's license) on MTV's Cribs. Fans will no doubt be sad, but gambling some money on the USC team next year will certainly cheer them up.

USC looks to have one of the best rookie classes in NCAA b-ball next year.

Godspeed, Ho

Like so many tiny bubbles, Hawaiian Pop star Don Ho left this mortal coil this past Saturday, dying from heart failure. He was 76. Don Imus relased a statement saying, "Don Brilliant-beautiful-and-upstanding-African-American-woman-of-the-upmost-virtue-and-prestige was a great performer who shall be missed."

Nude Dudes

Pitchfork recently announced that they helped facilitate the sale of a fan's photos of Indie Pop faves Of Montreal frontguy Kevin Barnes naked on stage to Playgirl magazine. Barnes seems thrilled (or at least not totally embarrassed) by the prospect of having his junk on display in the mag. "I'm kind of a little bit flattered that it would get so much attention," he told Pitchfork. Indie dudes stripping down for Playgirl may be the trend of the moment — Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) also will appear in the magazine, though reportedly in a posed layout and, sadly (depending on your lusty tastes), only shirtless and in jean shorts. Who's next? Whip it out, Robert Schneider of Apples in Stereo!

Tone-Deaf Jam

We swear we never watch American Idol (though we are intrigued by the vote-for-the talentless-teenager acts of sabotage), but a recent flipping session landed us on Fox, where we saw Jennifer "J-Lo" Lopez trying desperately to belt out a tune. Apparently, she guest-tutored the contestants. Lopez is the epitome of a celebrity who can't sing using every tech trick in the book to try and sound like she can. Hmm, now that we think about it, maybe she is the perfect Idol tutor? Still, it seems a bit like Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory giving a pitching clinic to a minor league baseball team.