The Young Veins with Foxy Shazam

April 9 • The Mad Hatter

Apr 5, 2010 at 2:06 pm

As recent exiles from Panic! at the Disco, Ryan Ross and Jon Walker currently espouse a take on recording music that stands opposed to the overcooked Pop-Punk they left behind. In Walker's case, that view involves urging fellow artists to exercise a greater sense of in-studio ad-libbing.

“They'd all be enjoying themselves a lot more. There would be more excitement in the music community,” advocates the Panic! ex-bassist.

Since he and Ross initiated The Young Veins last summer, they've learned about the problems with limiting spontaneity first-hand. “We've done that before and the outcome is always the same: It's too pragmatic,” Walker says.

The Veins' approach to recording is hardly the only aesthetic trait that separates the duo from their last group. Now they play unexpectedly precocious Garage/Pop Rock that recalls the vintage melodies of The Kinks and The Byrds. (They've received comparisons to The Beatles, too, but Walker contends, “For anyone who knows anything about '60s music, we sound the least like The Beatles.”)

In the spirit of those bygone names, the Veins purposely held back on production for their June debut Take a Vacation, recording the album live. “We wanted it to sound more like a real band. I think you can tell,” Walker says.

In their new capacities, both Walker and Ross serve as vocalist/guitarist for the five-piece. While Panic!'s enormous audience is something the pair will have build toward again, they're optimistic about the possibilities and enthusiastic about having creative control back in their hands.

“Playing small clubs with great sound and actually getting to meet the people that are coming to see you instead of being hidden away is an awesome experience,” Walker attests. “It's a lot different than what we're used to.”

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