Theory of a Deadman

July 24 • Bogart's

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Other than being some of the prettiest Rock stars in the business, there isn’t really anything special about Canada's Theory of a Deadman. They're just your typical, really good Rock band.

To call them anything other than Rock should be a sin, by the way. "Post-Grunge" is crap. By pure essence of the word, Miley Cyrus is Post-Grunge, as she came about after Grunge's heyday. Calling them “Alternative” isn't right, either. Too wimpy. They are not Matchbox 20. They are loud and unapologetic. They are Rock …  with a kind of pompadour.

If you listen to any of the Rock stations in town, you know Theory of a Deadman. They're the guys behind "Bad Girlfriend" (the video for which is great … and NSFW). They also did the oh-so-catchy "Lowlife." (Don't be jerks, guys. There’s nothing wrong with being catchy. The Ramones were catchy.)

ToaDM’s latest album is still 2011's The Truth Is..., but hopefully there’s a new one coming soon. Until then, there's still plenty to love from the band’s first four albums, and the group’s visit to Cincinnati should make for a great night of Rock. You may not fall in love. You may not become a groupie. But you will be entertained, you will have their songs stuck in your head and you will not even mind.

THEORY OF A DEADMAN plays Wednesday, July 24 at Bogart's in Corryville. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here .

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