Title Fight

May 5 • PNC Pavilion

Five months ago, joshlikesjuice posted an extraordinarily funny and astute comment on YouTube: “anyone else feel like they're watching a porno?” The quip was in response to a clip called “Title Fight *interview with PunkWorldViews.com*,” a poorly lit, awkward, eight-minute conversation with the Kingston, Penn.-based Hardcore/Pop Punk band from last year. The uncomfortable, about-to-bang-in-due-time vibe is less the interviewer's doing (she's very friendly but asks boring questions) and more the four-piece's. This band of late teenagers/early 20-somethings hasn’t yet come close to conquering the art of public speaking for PR's sake even though they've been together since 2003.

Title Fight was started by Ben and Ned Russin back when they were 12 or 13, and the brothers began collaborating and even touring with Shane Moran and Jamie Rhoden soon thereafter. (Rhoden was even lucky enough to have a mother who wrote an essay to excuse his absence after he missed three weeks of school.)

Despite its early start, the group's discography consisted of seven-inches, EPs and other odds and ends until May 2011 when well-connected Punk label SideOneDummy Records released Title Fight’s debut record, Shed. Title Fight very much subscribes to the same school of sound as Shook Ones and The Wonder Years — think pulse-quickening tempos (with occasional pit stops for mood), galloping guitars and scratchy, soul-unburdening yelling — but lack the inspired hooks and color to separate themselves from the other stage-dive-friendly acts in their scene. (Shed's “27” is a barn burner, however.) Hopefully, the years to come will mature more than just their looks.

TITLE FIGHT plays Saturday, May 5 at PNC Pavilion with Rise Against and A Day to Remember. Buy tickets, check out performance times and get venue details here.

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