Twenty One Pilots

Oct. 27 • Bogart's

Oct 22, 2012 at 3:35 pm

There are a million things to love about Twenty One Pilots. I’ll give you three.

First and foremost, they’re from Columbus, Ohio, which practically makes them one of our own hometown heroes. The duo is made up of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun who, despite having toured all over the globe, still call Ohio home.

Columbus clearly doesn’t mind, either. Last November, the boys from Twenty One Pilots sold out Columbus’ large Newport venue, and this year they sold out the even bigger (2,200 capacity) LC Pavilion.

They’re also incredibly unique. Not in the “we’ll create for ourselves a complicated genre in order to earn more fans” but in a legitimately “no one else sounds like this” way. For two guys on synth-y piano and a drum kit, they create a rich, thickly layered Pop backdrop. In the foreground, Dun raps. It’s a breathy, high-energy, low-drama white-boy Rap, but it’s rapping nonetheless.

That high energy goes beyond the words Dun spits into the microphone, too. Joseph pummels the drums, clearly feeling the beat in his very core. And you know all the crazy dancing you do in the darkness behind a locked door? Dun brings that unabashed movement to the stage, letting go of all humility in front of the duo’s fans, thrashing, spazzing and sprinting across the stage.

Twenty One Pilots will leave Bogart’s in shambles. Get in it.

TWENTY ONE PILOTS perform Saturday, Oct. 27 with guests Alabama Capital and Public.