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Eleven Eleven with Tonefarmer

Wednesday · Stanley's Pub

If forced to provide just one word to describe Eleven Eleven's sound, "textural" would probably be the best singular description. The Philadelphia quartet has been favorably compared to similarly toned sonic sculptors like The Cure, The Smiths, Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine, and with good reason. Eleven Eleven sports a Brit Pop sound that crackles with dark melodic energy while offering melancholy lyrics of brutal honesty and naked intimacy. Guitarists Jeff Giuliani and Eric Mallon weave a gorgeous tapestry of sound that is often more about atmospherics and mood than precisely fingered notes and phrases. Meanwhile bassist Will Kesling (a Cleveland native who replaced Eleven Eleven's original bassist nearly two years ago) and drummer Rich Franchetta (who's known Giuliani since the second grade and has never been in a band without the guitarist) combine to create an incredibly slippery rhythm section, with the former's graceful Jaco Pastorius influence and the latter's hammer-of-the-gods John Bonham appeal. The band's recently released Unlovable EP compiles a number of tracks recorded at the same sessions that produced last spring's Head album and shows Eleven Eleven's propensity for the layering of sound in the direction of the aforementioned Cure, early R.E.M. and other similarly minded '80s New Wave/Punk Pop texturalists. The band's profile has been raised through opening gigs for the likes of Phantom Planet, Cake, Depeche Mode and The Thrills, as well as performing on Carson Daly's show from the MTV Beach House, scoring a pair of songs on the movie soundtrack for Dummy (featuring Oscar winner Adrian Brody) and winning an unsigned band competition sponsored by CD Now. If you like your Rock romantic, moody and dramatic, Eleven Eleven might be your first hot find of 2005. (Brian Baker)

Infinite Number of Sounds with (in)camera

Saturday · Northside Tavern

Infinite Number of Sounds from Cleveland forges a sound foundry of synths and samples to create a diverse collage that's both ambient and wild. The troupe calls itself an "electro-rock/media-art performance group" and they run the gamut from moody, almost cocktail-lounge Jazz ("Emo Joe") to video game soundtrack Techno ("Book of Destiny") to something resembling both in the same song.

Their cut-n-paste approach makes for an interesting listening experience, as their songs are best viewed as movements in a symphony (sometimes within a singular song itself) than as standard "Rock" songs. But, unlike a lot of laptop Beethovens, their music is infused with a sense of humor that you don't have to be an Electronica aficionado, or even a "music insider," to understand. The humorous elements — like the Kung Fu yell samples in "Disfingered" — actually serve as punctuation of sorts to signal a sea change in the music. Their show also has visual accompaniment in the form of video projections that serve as a kind of "dreaming out loud" to the music. The projections are a fever dream of pop culture that make as many, if not more, references than INS' music does. The images aren't just random, though; they fall precisely in harmony with the music to create a unique blend of the concrete and abstract, making the observer both think and groove. Infinite Number of Sounds is an aural "junk drawer" whose found-sound objects are arranged into a cohesive whole to form a hybrid of outsider art and cybersonic gleam. If Mozart owned a hi-tech industry, Infinite Number of Sounds would be played in the halls all day. The band members — who also splinter off into a just-short-of-infinite number of musical and artistic side-projects (see infinitenumber.com for the run-down) — are currently working on their second full-length CD, tentatively titled Radio Whales and tagged with a release date this spring. (Dale Johnson)

Waterproof Blonde with And Andy, Bulletproof Charm and Chaselounge

Saturday · Radio Down

Nearly everything concerning Waterproof Blonde's existence to this point is fairly improbable. The Louisville quintet fell into place when vocalist Rachel Hagan stopped home on her way to California to jumpstart her music career. While back in Louisville, she was reacquainted with bassist Jeffrey Smith, whose former band had auditioned Hagan when she was still around town. The pair started bouncing musical ideas off one another until Smith took some of their collaborations to Label X, a local record company where Smith just happened to be the marketing director. By February 2003, Hagan and Smith had turned their musical noodlings into an actual band with the addition of guitarist Josh Hawkins and drummer Andy Garbe (second guitarist Derrick Pedolzky was added later in the year). Weeks after, Hagan, whose day job is hairdressing, was chatting up a customer about her music when he asked her to write a song for him. Hagan's customer turned out to be WWE wrestler Sean O'Haire, and his request was sincere; he was looking for music to use as a fanfare when he approached the ring. Just two months after the band's first live appearance together, Waterproof Blonde entered a studio and came up O'Haire's anthem, a rollicking Rock track titled "Come On," which ultimately came out on the band's Glitter Lust EP in 2003. Within a few weeks, "Come On" was a sensation among wrestling fans, and the band wound up opening gigs for Seven Mary Three and The Gin Blossoms. Not long after that, the track came to the attention of the Great American Ballpark PA programmer, who contacted Smith for the rights to play "Come On" during Reds games to juice the crowd. Over the subsequent year, Waterproof Blonde has undergone several changes; Hawkins and Garbe have departed, replaced by guitarist Adam Dennison and drummer Richard Vier, and the band has split from Label X. With a new lineup in place, the band has been working for the last few months on a new full-length, provisionally titled The Morning After the Night Before. Waterproof Blonde has also started to develop their presence in the region with more shows in the Cincinnati area; this could be the band that will have you reminiscing, "Remember when we saw them here?" (BB)

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