Vaughn and Co. Album Release Party

Oct. 24 • Play By Play

Don’t let Ronnie Vaughn’s gruff voice, muscles, short hair and stubble fool you. This frontman delivers words like a charming bear.

A born storyteller, Vaughn kicks back in his coffeeshop chair, relaxing like he’s beside a campfire, shooting the shit. He shoots, “When we started playing, we were against the cover thing. We’d play for hours, all original music, at places where they usually didn’t have original music. Live is where we shine the most. We jam out a lot more, extending the songs.”

Vaughn and Co. punched out Wrong Tree, their first album, in 2006. With influences from The Grateful Dead (obvious) to Rap (not so obvious), the band’s latest, Coming Home, will hit the streets via a release show Saturday at Play by Play in Silverton.

V&C took the “live approach” for Coming Home. They performed the songs at shows first, deciding what worked, later adding the winners to the CD. The album holds 15 songs chockfull of Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk and Reggae, styles switching off within songs. The recording is absolutely professional and consistent, with a “working man gone loose” feel. It’s straight-up, sweat-jamming Rock.

Read more of C.A.'s interview with the band here.

(Get show and venue details here.)

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