WATCH: “Fall Out,” the first music video from Cincinnati music project A Delicate Motor’s ‘Fellover My Own’

After recently performing at The National’s Homecoming festival, Adam Petersen’s “full band” album debut is set for release next month on SofaBurn Records

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A Delicate Motor
A Delicate Motor (aka ADM) began as a songwriting outlet for CCM-trained Cincinnati musician Adam Petersen, who released a self-titled debut in 2013 that showcased his ethereal sonic explorations using layered and looped vocals, keyboards, percussion and other instrumentation. While that first studio outing was created entirely by Petersen, he decided to expand ADM for the follow-up, enlisting gifted fellow musicians Ben Sloan and Stephen Patota to help enrich his hypnotically enchanting soundscapes. Recorded in 2016, he self-released the results on the stunning Fellover My Own album last year and further built up ADM for live performances, adding Brianna Kelly, Libby Landis and Rachel Mousie to the fold.

A lot has happened for A Delicate Motor since then. Actually, a lot has happened in just the past several weeks. ADM was featured at the The National’s recent Homecoming festival, part of Sloan’s participation as the MusicNOW artist in residence (Sloan also joined The National onstage at the event and has since been touring with the band as a second drummer). Around the same time it was announced that Fellover My Own would get an official wide release through well-distributed Northern Kentucky label SofaBurn Records.

Today, CityBeat presents the premiere of the first ADM music video, for Fellover track “Fall Out.” With its mix of seductive melody and engulfing harmonic textures, it’s a great representation of the mesmerizing power of Fellover My Own. Filmed in Cincinnati’s Northside neighborhood, Bizzy Young’s captivating visuals perfectly match and enhance the track’s dreamlike tone.

Petersen says “Fall Out” is “a gentle reminder to live with ease and not to be burdened by personal vices, habits and triggers. Although I live with fears and traumas, I encourage myself to fall out from harmful patterns of thought and feeling in order to heal. The message in ‘Fall Out’ is really a microcosm of this entire album of music."

After you experience “Fall Out,” you are going to want to keep an eye on A Delicate Motor — once this album gets the attention it deserves, it’s a safe bet that things will take off even more for the project. You can keep tabs on ADM on Facebook and Instagram. Pre-orders for Fellover My Own (which is releasing in June) are open now here.

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