Wu-Tang Sells Super-Rarity

Plus, Thom Yorke compares YouTube to Nazis and Trump finally finds a conflict-free campaign rally song

click to enlarge Wu-Tang Clan performing in Budapest this summer
Wu-Tang Clan performing in Budapest this summer

HOT: Wu-Tang Sells Super-Rarity

In one week, Adele sold several million copies of her latest album and likely made a fortune. Wu-Tang Clan also recently raked in a ton of cash, but the legendary Hip Hop group did so by selling a single album. One copy of the collective’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin was produced to be auctioned off to a single buyer. It was recently revealed that the album was indeed sold, and the unnamed buyer paid “in the millions” for the recording. One of the terms of the sale was that the album was not to be publicly released for 88 years, meaning current Wu-Tang fans may never get to hear the entire 128 minutes of music unless modern medicine discovers a way to keep people alive a few extra decades.

WARM: YouTube = Nazis?

Trying to make something analogous to Hitler or Nazis rarely works out, as politicians and some of your social media friends prove repeatedly. Thom Yorke might seem too smart to go down the “Just like Nazi Germany!” rabbit-hole, but in an interview with Italy’s La Repubblica, the Radiohead singer did just that. While complaining about how YouTube makes big money on advertising, yet doesn’t share it with the artists whose content it hosts, Yorke said, “It’s like what the Nazis did during (World War II),” referring to how Hitler’s forces seized artwork from the countries it invaded.

COLD: Trump Finds Conflict-Free Rally Song

R.E.M., Neil Young and Aerosmith have all got pissed after joke-gone-too-far Donald Trump used their music at campaign rallies. But there’s at least one band that’s totally cool with its music being associated with Trump’s presidential run — Twisted Sister. Singer Dee Snider said that while he disagrees with Trump on certain issues, he gave The Donald permission to use “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” In an interview with Canadian Business (?), Snider — who called Trump “a pretty chill guy” — said he allowed his song to be used because it’s about “rebellion, speaking your mind and fighting the system.”

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