Ziggy Marley with 311

June 20 • Riverbend

It can’t be too surprising that Ziggy Marley has often involved himself in family/kid-related projects in his career. His iconic father, Bob Marley, typified family in broadly exaggerated and unconventional ways, and Ziggy is most assuredly his father’s most famous son.

Bob Marley brought Reggae to the world, and it made him a legend. Ziggy brought Reggae to the marketplace, and it made him a wealthy celebrity.

Don’t read that as a slam: Ziggy has been a legitimate Reggae artist as well as shrewd musical marketer, and his plethora of kid-oriented projects have been sincere attempts at outreach to a demographic that he truly loves.

With his latest solo project, Family Time, Ziggy finally crosses the threshold and makes an album specifically for kids but with the whole family in mind. Family Time features Ziggy and a number of friends (Willie Nelson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Paul Simon) and family (mom Rita, sister Cedella, daughter Judah) accompanying him on a set of songs that mix his Reggae roots with his Pop affection. Ziggy has also produced B Is for Bob, a collection of his father’s most famous tunes reworked for children.

When Ziggy comes to town, he might not be performing these particular songs in this specific setting, but he's most definitely embracing the family of man with his music. A chip off the old Rasta block.

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