"Cuz n Jake Go Together"

Jake Speed -

Cuz n Jake

Notes: Every June, just as summer peaks its head out of the sweet corn, a Folk duo emerges from the ruins of Country music. It ain't pretty. It ain't combed. It ain't altogether sober. However, these neo-Hee-Haw hokum bluesmen set up their vaudeville act once a year for the Rivertown Breakdown, just to remind kind Kentucky crowds how much a pint of moonshine really does fetch. They are known as CUZ'n JAKE. For the next two weeks, Speedy Delivery will host tunes by CUZ'n JAKE in preparation for their barstool-brawlin' set at the Southgate House on Saturday, June 17, at 7 p.m.

This week's tune, "Cuz'n Jake Go Together," reveals the kind of bond this duo has solidified over the three years they've awed crowds together.

"Cuz n Jake Go Together"
by: Chris "Cuz" Cusentino and Jake "Jake" Speed


Cuz and Jake go together like Brad and Angelina Like Sonny and Cher, or BJ and the Bear Or Jesus and Mary Magdalena

Cuz and Jake go together like the birds and the bees Like Marty & Joe or Curly & Moe, Or DaVinci and his code or McDonald's and grease

Cuz and Jake go together like Abercrombie and Fitch If Cuz dyed his hair red, or if Jake got a perm instead You couldn't tell which was which

Cuz and Jake go together better than pandemic flu and birds Like steroids and Bonds, like Enron and cons We go together better than George Bush and words

He's the feather in my cap, He's the icing on my cake I'm like a smarter version of Cuz, I'm a good-looking version of Jake

I'm Jazzy Jeff, I'm the Fresh Presh I'm Ralph, I'm Carter Stanley I'm the George Michael of this band, So I'm the other guy from Wham?! Yeah but not quite as manly

Cuz and Jake go together like Milli and Vanilli like burgers and fries, like wire taps and spies or Tom Delay and lies or weiners and chili

Cuz and Jake go together like memos and Tony Blair like soul and Taylor Hicks or David Blaine and tricks, or last place and the Knicks or Jim Tarbell and hair

Cuz and Jake go together until the bitter end 'til the end of the Earth, till Tom Cruise talks during birth we'll always be friends

'Til our coffins are nailed or Kenneth Lay gets out of jail We'll always be friends

'Til we're dead and buried, till Nick and Jessica remarry We'll always be friends

'Til our lives expire, till Dick Cheney holds his fire Cuz and Jake will always be friends

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