"Up and Down"

Jake Speed -

Feb 8, 2006 at 2:06 pm

I'm no choreographer, but after watching the State of the Union address (what with all the stand up, sit down, clap here, clap there) I felt like I was watching a well rehearsed Broadway show. Actually, it felt more like a morning kids show where it's "wake up, stand up, shakey shakey, clap clap." Kentucky showed me part of this chord progression during a break at the Northside Tavern. He said he learned it off of a Bluegrass player trying to copy a bluesman. It sounded silly to me, so I thought I'd use it for a song about a silly bunch of grown men.

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Up and Down

the red suits down in Washingtown

all stand up when blue sits down

like a grown up game of hokey pokey

put the right vote in & shake it okey dokey

what goes up may not fly

if Simon says "jump" they'll say how high

the state of the union's up and down

gas is high, then gas is low

one thing's for certain, we're all flat broke

terrorists are on the rise, but

we're on our knees with God on our side

the war, it gets me down and blue

but if everybody claps then I'll clap too

the state of the union's up and down

Let's play follow the leader

I'll be the one in charge

If I wink and I nod then it's time to applaud

the state of the union's up and down

health care costs on the rise

schools are in decline

Iran nukes starting up

National budget is a bust

Bird flu taking flight

Social security, good night

Even if I'm unsound, just turn your frown upside down

gas is up then gas is down

the war, it just keeps hanging round

while terrorism's on the rise

the economy's in decline

Especially when it's down with the party line

we clap each time we make a capture

then we cry when a son goes down

we're sometimes up we're sometimes down

we're torn in half we're red and blue

the state of the union's me vs. you

a stingy global economy,

skyrocketing health care costs,

troubled U.S. schools,

looming budget deficits and

government corruption.