"Walk Away"

Jake Speed -


Jake Speed: Guitar/Vocals.

Kentucky Graham: Tenor Guitar.

Notes: I wrote this song as a call to consciousness about the dire situations in Uganda and Darfur. The song dreams of a day when we all realize that we share one moon, one starry sky and one direction home. As you listen, visit these Web sites. They each have specific, easy ways for you to make a difference and NOT WALK AWAY.



Each night in Uganda, thousands of children leave their village homes to hike miles and miles to safe refugee camps so that genocidal warlords won't kidnap them in their sleep and force them into becoming killers. In Darfur (a western region in the country of Sudan), 400,000 men, women and children have been slaughtered by a government-sponsored militia in what can only be described as genocide. This song asks you not to walk away from these horrors, but rather to at least educate yourself about the situation and see what you can do (within your means) to help.

Walk Away - Click Here to Hear Walk Away
A sound across the ocean pounds into my breast

It's a thousand children's footsteps, no time for to rest

Their feet, deathlike black; their eyes, fear-filled white

On moonlit starry skies they're walking for their lives

Walk away into the African night, child, walk away

I live under that same moonlight

I sleep under those same stars

I hear all their footsteps falling

I walk away, I walk away from the African night, child, I walk


My city's highway drone moans into my mind

It's a thousand feet of fortune out of body, out of time

Their heels, business swift; their eyes coffee red

They march in starless skies, no direction in their head

Walk away into the cold city night, they walk away

A dream disrupts my day, it seeps into my eyes

I see a city pause long enough to hear the cries

Their boots stand up solid, there's focus in their eyes

They head the same direction toward African skies

Walk away into the African night, walk away

I dream under that same moonlight

I dream under those same stars

I dream that all of their footsteps

Will walk away, will walk away into the African night, walk away

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