'Westwood Works' Gets Mural

Apr 19, 2010 at 5:56 pm

A new group in Cincinnati’s Westwood neighborhood that seeks to be less political and more positive than its counterparts has achieved one of its initial goals.

The group, Westwood Works, formed late last winter to help revitalize and publicize the neighborhood. Its creation, in part, was due to discussions about how another organization — the Westwood Civic Association — decided not to muster support for an ArtWorks mural in the neighborhood, despite the interest of some residents.—-

ArtWorks is a downtown-based, nonprofit organization that has created murals in 20 different Cincinnati neighborhoods, including Over-the-Rhine and Clifton Heights.

Now, by working in conjunction with the Westwood Community Urban Redevelopment Corp., ArtWorks has selected the neighborhood as one of the sites for this summer’s mural program.

The groups are discussing with local business owners and others exactly where the mural should be created.