1233 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine

Address: 1233 Vine St., Over-the-RhineOwner: Peoples Co-OpYear Built: 1900Property Value: $58,000Comments: Citations have twice been issued for this building's rear masonry wall, ac


Address: 1233 Vine St., Over-the-Rhine

Owner: Peoples Co-Op

Year Built: 1900

Property Value: $58,000

Comments: Citations have twice been issued for this building's rear masonry wall, according to Gerald Meyer, an inspector with the city of Cincinnati Department of Buildings and Inspections.

"This one's missing the whole back wall," Meyer says. "It's just gotten worse in the past six months to a year, but they are in the process of getting it taken care of. Even though it's not out in the public right of way, it does border on people's buildings."

Meyer says orders have been issued for the building to be barricaded. He says people are currently in the building working on it. For the past three years the residential part of the building has been ordered to be kept vacant, he says.

Jennifer Summers, director of ReStoc, says the building, part of the Vine Street Development Project, is under development. ReStoc and investors own the building as part of the Peoples Co-Op LLC.

Lead and asbestos abatement has been underway throughout the summer and a full-scale rehab is scheduled for 2003, Summers says.

"All seven buildings (of the Vine Street Development Project) will be done by December of next year," she says.

A business called the Next Millennium is operating in the commercial section of the building. Summers says two windows were broken and the windows have been boarded up until rehabilitation is completed.

The wall in the back will be stabilized and additions in the back will come down.

On the back of the building, in an alley where police shot Timothy Thomas to death in April 2001, is a memorial to him. Summers says the memorial will have to come down, and ReStoc is working with people in the community to ensure it is done respectfully.

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