2008 Presidential Race

Results, analysis and background from the Ohio primary through to the November general election

The long, long 2008 presidential campaign is coming down the home stretch, as Election Day approaches on Nov. 4. CityBeat's coverage began before the Ohio primary March 4, a critical moment in the Democratic race. We followed the campaigns through the Democratic National Convention in Denver and the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. We tracked them through the debates. We offered our endorsements and collected all the local endorsements we could find in the media, the political action committees and the various special interest groups.

We've collected all of our coverage below and hope you'll take time to review it as you decide which candidates and ballot issues are worthy of support on Nov. 4.

Here are links to CityBeat's coverage of the presidential race since the Ohio primary and leading up to it, plus coverage of the local results back on March 4.

CityBeat endorsements: Crossing Over to a New Day (CityBeat, 10/29/08)

Who's Endorsing Whom charts (CityBeat, 10/29/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Why You Can't Find The New York Times at UDF (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 10/29/08)

CityBeat story: Obama Campaign Targets Ohio's Reddest Counties in Suburban Cincinnati (Steven Rosen, CityBeat, 10/22/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Joe Deters' Moment of Truth (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 10/22/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Karl Rove Is Still a Turd (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 10/15/08)

CityBeat Editorial: He's Got Nothing, Jerry (John Fox, CityBeat, 10/8/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Local and National GOP Out of Touch (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 10/8/08)

CityBeat On Second Thought column: Sorting out Presidential Election Coverage (Ben Kaufman, CityBeat, 10/2/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Fear of a Black Planet (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 9/24/08)

CityBeat blog post: McCain Said What? (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 9/22/08)

CityBeat blog post: The American Taliban Strikes Again (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 9/19/08)

CityBeat blog post: The Next Big Lie (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 9/16/08)

CityBeat blog post: McCain As Shizophrenic (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 9/5/08)

CityBeat blog post: The GOP's One-Night Stand (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 9/4/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Desperate McCain Insults Women, Endangers Nation With VP Choice (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 9/3/08)

Ongoing Republican Convention coverage: "Elephants in the Room" blog (Staff, Minneapolis City Pages)

Ongoing Democratic Convention coverage: "Demver" blog (Staff, Westword)

Ongoing Democratic Convention coverage: Tom Tomorrow blog (Tom's writing it for New Haven Advocate)

CityBeat blog post: Obama Time (John Fox, Porkopolis blog, 8/25/08)

CityBeat story: Dreams of Obama (Tom Hayden, CityBeat, 8/20/08)

CityBeat Editorial: From Goose Bumps to Deliverables (John Fox, CityBeat, 8/20/08)

CityBeat story: The Endorser (Steven Rosen, CityBeat, 8/20/08)

CityBeat blog post: Ex-Cons Can and Need to Vote (Margo Pierce, Porkopolis blog, 7/31/08)

CityBeat story: Jennifer Brunner Wants to Make Every Vote Count (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 7/23/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: McCain's Inaction on Joe Deters Speaks Louder Than Words (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 7/23/08)

CityBeat Editorial: Obama Returns to Cincinnati a Leader (John Fox, CityBeat, 7/16/08)

CityBeat blog post: Dems to Put Big Bucks into 1st District Race (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 7/11/08)

CityBeat blog post: McCain Relies on 'Joe-mentum' (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 6/27/08)

CityBeat blog post: John McCain's Personal Lotto (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 6/26/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Obama Ignores Rumors to His Perils (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 6/11/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Hillary's Ever-Changing Moods (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 6/4/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Stan Chesley Keeps Company With Powerful Republicans (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 5/28/08)

CityBeat blog post: Hillary Pushes On at Her Own Peril (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 5/28/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Primary Party-Switching Opens an Ugly Can of Worms (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 5/21/08)

CityBeat blog post: Hillary and Terry's Shell Game (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 5/7/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: McCain Not Tainted by His Crazy Ministers (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 5/7/08)

Indianapolis stories: Five Questions for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Ahead of the Indiana Primary (Editors, Nuvo, 5/2/08)

CityBeat story: Common Cause CEO Pushes for Presidential Election Overhaul (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 4/30/08)

CityBeat blog post: Bill Clinton's Selective Memory (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 4/18/08)

CityBeat blog post: Modest Proposal for a New Way of Doing Presidential Primaries (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 4/2/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Regarding Words from the Pulpit (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 4/2/08)

CityBeat blog post: Obama Has an Adult Conversation in His 'Race' Speech (John Fox, Porkopolis blog, 3/19/08)

CityBeat blog post: Time for Dems to Remind Voters of the War (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 3/13/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Bush's Incompetence Belies GOP Campaign Claims (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 3/12/08)

CityBeat Wessels column: A Vote for a Better Voting System (Joe Wessels, CityBeat, 3/12/08)

CityBeat story: Primary Results Offer Some Surprises (Margo Pierce, Kevin Osborne and John Fox, CityBeat, 3/5/08)

CityBeat blog post: A Few Sad Truths (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 3/5/08)

CityBeat Endorsements: Obama for President, Wulsin for Congress, Yes on 10 and 17

CityBeat blog post: Daily Beat Election Special (John Fox, Porkopolis blog, 3/4/08)

CityBeat blog post: CPS Levy Voting Checklist (Margo Pierce, Porkopolis blog, 3/4/08)

Daily Bellwether blog post: All the Latest Clinton/Obama Poll Numbers in Ohio (Bill Sloat, The Daily Bellwether, 3/1/08)

CityBeat blog post: Election Preparations for Tuesday Via the ACLU (Margo Pierce, Porkopolis blog, 2/29/08)

CityBeat blog post: Willie's Rant Might Violate Elections Deal (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 2/28/08)

CityBeat story: Q&A With Barack Obama (John Fox, CityBeat, 2/27/08

CityBeat story: Interview With Terry McAuliffe, Clinton Campaign Chair (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 2/27/08)

CityBeat story: Good Urban Schools and Why the CPS Levy Matters (Margo Pierce, CityBeat, 2/27/08)

CityBeat blog post: Local Pols Indulge Willie to Their Own Peril (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 2/27/08)

CityBeat blog post: Obama Rocks UC (John Fox, Porkopolis blog, 2/26/08)

CityBeat Endorsement: Obama for President (John Fox, CityBeat, 2/20/08)

CityBeat story: Fab Four in 2nd District Primaries (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 2/20/08)

CityBeat story: Cincinnati Zoo Levy Will Help Pay for Plants and Animals (Margo Pierce, CityBeat, 2/20/08)

CityBeat Porkopolis column: Democratic Votes Matter on March 4 (Kevin Osborne, CityBeat, 2/20/08)

CityBeat Wessels column: Welcome to Road Blocks, Motorcades and Super Delegates (Joe Wessels, CityBeat, 2/20/08)

Real Clear Politics: Ohio Primary page (Updated continuously)

WKRC Local 12 story: Hillary Clinton Appears at the Oakley Skyline Today (WKRC-TV, 2/15/08)

Daily Kos blog post: Hillary Clinton's Rally at Ohio State on Feb. 14 (Daily Kos, 2/15/08)

Columbus story: Can Hillary Hang On? (Dan Williamson, The Other Paper, 2/14/08)

Daily Bellwether blog post: New Polls Out Today Show Clinton With Lead in Ohio (Bill Sloat, The Daily Bellwether, 2/14/08)

CityBeat Editorial: Ohio, the Heart of All Politics (John Fox, CityBeat, 2/13/08)

Daily Bellwether blog post: Chelsea Clinton in Cincinnati (Bill Sloat, The Daily Bellwether, 2/13/08)

CityBeat blog post: Romney Drops out, Proving Money and a Nice Haircut Aren't Enough (Kevin Osborne, Porkopolis blog, 2/7/08)

CityBeat Editorial: Celebrating Superfat Tuesday (John Fox, CityBeat, 2/6/08)

CityBeat blog post: A Parental SOS: Save Our Schools (Margo Pierce, Porkopolis blog, 1/24/08)

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