2594 Ring Place

Address: 2594 Ring Place, East Price HillOwner: Clarence W. and Bernice MorrisYear Built: 1905Value: $63,800, according to the Hamilton County Auditor's OfficeComments: Lonnie Wis

Jymi Bolden

Address: 2594 Ring Place, East Price Hill

Owner: Clarence W. and Bernice Morris

Year Built: 1905

Value: $63,800, according to the Hamilton County Auditor's Office

Comments: Lonnie Wise, an inspector with the City of Cincinnati Department of Buildings and Inspections, says he recently issued a request for the city to barricade the building.

Wise has had no contact with the owners; neighbors have told him the owners are deceased, he says. A reporter's letter to the Morrises was returned as "undeliverable."

Wise says he's been getting complaints about the building for more than a year.

"People who live in the neighborhood just don't like looking at it like that," he says.

Wise says he's been trying to find a relative of the owners who would be able to take charge of the house.

The next step is to condemn the building, which is possible because there have been orders on it for more than a year. However, the city tries not to condemn buildings unless there is something structurally wrong with them, which isn't the case with this one, according to Wise.

"Or it could sit there indefinitely like that, which I'm sure the people in the neighborhood wouldn't like," he says.

Hamilton County Probate Court has no known cases involving either of the owners.

The Hamilton County Treasurer's Office says the last tax payment on the property was in 1999. As of Dec. 30, the owners owed $4,399.13 in delinquent taxes. There were also records of a weed cutting assessment from the city in the amount of $565.28.

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