2908 Euclid Ave.

Address: 2908 Euclid Ave., CorryvilleOwner: Marvin and Sarah JonesValue: $74,400Year Built: 1885Comments: City of Cincinnati Building Inspector Ed Pinkston can't keep up with the

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Jymi Bolden

2908 Euclid Ave.

Address: 2908 Euclid Ave., Corryville

Owner: Marvin and Sarah Jones

Value: $74,400

Year Built: 1885

Comments: City of Cincinnati Building Inspector Ed Pinkston can't keep up with the Joneses. He's been trying for five years to locate Marvin and Sarah Jones, the owners of 2908 Euclid Ave.

The Joneses have two civil charges against them because of the condition of the house. They also owe several thousand dollars in back taxes. But the owners have had four different addresses in three different cities in California, and notices from the city of Cincinnati have gotten no response, according to Pinkston.

Marvin Jones' mother resided in the house until her death several years ago. Violations on the home date to May 2000.

The outside of the house is barely visible because of overgrown weeds and litter. Geraldine Owens, who lives in half of this duplex, has complained several times about the weeds and about raccoons running in and out of the vacant half. Pinkston has had the weeds cut several times.

"The city can't afford to keep doing that," he says.

The city could have the building condemned and torn down, but Pinkston says he doesn't want to do that, because of Owens. Tearing down the vacant half of the building would leave an ugly gaping hole.

Several people have shown interest in buying the property, but the house can't be sold without consent from the Joneses, Pinkston says. The other option is for the house to be sold at a sheriff's sale for back taxes.

The city's repair orders are for exterior changes, such as the repair of gutters, windows and doors. The inside of the house has never been inspected, Pinkston says.

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