58th DAAP Fashion Show 2009

Jun 17, 2009 at 12:03 pm

For those among you who are fashion-forward and missed DAAP’s 58th Fashion Show on Friday, June 12th, you’re in luck. The show was Web-casted, showcasing the incredible hard work of the 2009 graduating fashion design class at the University of Cincinnati. If this isn’t enough inspiration for you, then I don’t know what is. I’ve pored through hundreds of senior critique images and have picked some of my favorite designs…Cincinnati has talent!—-

The show was quite impressive, including an honorary awards speech for celebrity women’s wear designer and DAAP alumnus, David Meister. The show also included DAAP’s fashion design students’ collaboration with UC’s very own CCM and efforts towards creating new and effective hospital gowns. Words, however, just do not do the show justice. Catch the entire show here!

Sincerely” by Rosie Kovacs. This collection reminds me of warriors or elves from a movie, such as Lord of the Rings. The intricate knitting in the men’s shirt with cape and the angled leather detailing on the men’s jumpsuits show just how well constructed the collection is. The teal, black and grey color palette is a perfect combination. Very innovative!

Wanderlust” by Meg Molli. Again, the intricate knitting is phenomenal. The neutral color palette and fit of the pieces make the collection something that anyone could wear. The collection also seems extremely well made. I can’t imagine how many hours went into it.

Human Potential” by Erika Beartie. This particular dress from the collection is absolutely stunning. It reminds me of a Rodarte piece – dreamy and effortless. The black and nude sheer fabrics compliment one another quite nicely.

Transition” by Beth Porter. This collection is great because of how well-constructed it is. The soft grey color palette is easy for anyone to wear and so are all of the actual designs. The play on shapes is enough to make the collection both classic and unique.

The Soft Exoskeleton” by Mandy Kordal. Definitely a unique collection because it faintly works tiny details into the designs, like the human skeletal system for example. Again, this collection is visibly well-constructed and easy for nearly anyone to wear. Love the fact that the coats and vest could be considered unisex pieces.

Buttoned Down” by Katherine Ryerson. A fun collection with a 1930s lingerie influence with great colorful and luxurious fabrics. 

The Sweater Jacket” by Andrea Sisson. An amazing and innovative piece that doubles as a chair back when you sit down!

"Vol de Femme” by Lara Frappier. Another fun and well-constructed collection with a 1940s inspiration. Bringing back a new emphasis on jumpsuits, the high and fitted waistlines are sure to be flattering for all.

Creatures of Culture” by Miranda Hall. A creative and fun adventure for fashion. Great construction mixed with a ton of different shapes, bright colors and unique prints and embroideries. The sharp lines and exaggeration of structure are one of a kind.

** When watching the video of the fashion show, also be sure to look out for the following designer’s collections: “ #17 Cherry Tree Lane” by Kendra Nafziger, “You Say You Want A Revolution” by Lauren Primm, “Common Ground” by Lauren Laskey, “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” by Chelsea Forsythe, “Klimt” by Allison Jacobs, “The Cat’s Meow” by Jamie Vishauski and “The Dawn of Man” by Nathaniel David Siefert Porembka.

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Congratulations, class of 2009!