801 Mt. Hope Ave.

Address: 801 Mt. Hope Ave., Price HillOwner: Kristen and Daniel Pessell of WestwoodCurrent Property Value: $32,900Year Built: 1892Comments: This building, located at the edge of Pr

May 9, 2002 at 2:06 pm

Address: 801 Mt. Hope Ave., Price Hill

Owner: Kristen and Daniel Pessell of Westwood

Current Property Value: $32,900

Year Built: 1892

Comments: This building, located at the edge of Price Hill, once housed a Masonic society, a meat store and possibly a drug store. For the past 12 years, however, it's been vacant and decaying.

A mid-March wind storm blew dozens of bricks from the building's top floor onto the street below, smashing the hood and windshield of a 2002 Nissan Stanza rented by a neighbor. The bricks, most of which are piled next to the building on the sidewalk, also dented the street next to the car.

A small top-floor window is leaning precariously toward the sidewalk.

Mary Gastrich, who has lived next door for five years, said about four years ago a construction crew worked on the building for about two weeks, then stopped.

However, there is apparently some good news. Kristen and Daniel Pessell bought the building April 29 for $75,000, according to Realtor Mara Harperink of Star One Realtors. The building had been owned by James Grawe of West Price Hill since October 1991.

The Pessells plan to convert it into four city-view condominiums, Harperink says.

'The construction is probably going to start within the next couple weeks,' she says.