A Teleporting Shooter, and 8 Other Greater Cincinnati Stories You May Have Missed This Week

This week had it all – a memorable AFC championship game, big union claims, a high-kicking librarian and a man who claimed to be the "chief of Tokyo."

Feb 3, 2023 at 1:47 pm
click to enlarge Daniel Beckjord, who was arrested for allegedly shooting the windows of Tokyo Foods in Evendale, tells police that he will be released and teleported away on Jan. 22, 2023.
Daniel Beckjord, who was arrested for allegedly shooting the windows of Tokyo Foods in Evendale, tells police that he will be released and teleported away on Jan. 22, 2023.

Cincinnati had it all this week – a memorable AFC championship game, big union claims, a high-kicking librarian and a man who claimed to be the "chief of Tokyo." Scroll down for the week's biggest headlines.

Evendale Police Release Body-Cam Video of Tokyo Foods Shooter, and It's Bizarre
On Jan. 22, police arrested 33-year-old Daniel Beckjord for allegedly firing a handgun at the windows of Tokyo Foods, a grocery in Evendale that has sold Japanese products and other Asian goods for more than three decades. In the recently released footage of Beckjord's arrest, the suspect proclaimed a number of odd or troubling things to officers, including that he was a secret agent, was the chief of Cherokee Nation and soon would be teleported to safety. Read CityBeat's breakdown of Beckjord's strange arrest video and learn how to donate to a fundraiser that will support Tokyo Foods owners Tozan and Kimiko Matsuda.

Cincinnati Bengals Lose AFC Championship but Promise to Keep 'Building a Legacy'
As they did during the AFC championship game in 2022 – also against the Kansas City Chiefs – the Cincinnati Bengals rallied from behind to tie things up with KC in the second half. But unlike last season, there was no overtime magic or last-second field goal that would lead the Bengals to a second Super Bowl appearance in as many years. Read CityBeat's recap of the AFC championship and find out why millions of people were asking "What's a jabroni?" afterward.

Aggravated Menacing Charge Against Cincinnati Bengals Running Back Joe Mixon May Be Dropped
As of press time at noon Feb. 3, things are still up in the air, but charges filed this week against Mixon may be dismissed. The warrant for Mixon's arrest charged the athlete with a misdemeanor for allegedly pointing a gun at a woman and making threats on Walnut Street. According to the complaint, Mixon allegedly told the woman, "You should be popped in the face. I should shoot you." But late Friday morning, Hamilton County Municipal Court judge Curt Kissinger reportedly told 700 WLW-AM that the city prosecutor's office has formally requested to drop the charge. Read CityBeat's latest story about the Mixon saga.

Amazon Air Hub Employee Says He Was Fired for Union Organizing
Employees of Amazon’s KCVG Air Hub facility in Hebron, Kentucky are rallying behind a co-worker who they claim was fired for being a union organizer. Edward Clarke, a U.S. Army veteran, was hired at Amazon’s KCVG Air Hub as an associate in 2021 and later promoted to a load planner. In January, he was informed via email that Amazon was firing him, but Clarke says the company's reasoning isn't legitimate. Read CityBeat's story about how Clarke's situation plays into the ongoing union efforts.

Ohio AG Dave Yost Warns CVS, Walgreens Against Selling Abortion Pills
Yost has signed on with more than a dozen other state attorneys general warning two pharmacies against selling abortion medication. The letter came after CVS and Walgreens announced they planned to sell abortion pills in states where it’s legal to mail the medication. Abortion advocates in Ohio have already said changes to FDA requirements that would eliminate enforcement of that mifepristone, a two-pill regimen to induce abortion, must be received in person. Read CityBeat's story about Ohio's 2021 law that bans abortion drugs and how it applies today.

Will DeWine's Private School Vouchers Come at the Expense of Full Public School Funding?
During his State of the State address this week, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced his planned budget asks, including boosts to literacy programs, a $2,500 per child state tax deduction, and promotion of public school funding reform. But Democrats are unsure what Republicans’ plans are for the third year of the six-year Fair School Funding plan for public schools. Read CityBeat's story about what's at stake for education in Ohio.

Poll Workers Needed for Hamilton County Primary Election in May
Ohio's primary election is May 3, and Hamilton County needs help staffing up for it. Positions like precinct election official, voting location manager and voting location deputy are open, and they pay $180-$218. Read CityBeat's story about how to become a poll worker for Hamilton County.

Cincinnati Public Library TikTok of Employee Creatively Collecting Holds Goes Viral
Throw away any outdated ideas you have about libraries being quiet and stuffy, because Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library’s TikTok game is anything but. One of the library’s TikToks even went viral recently, with over 2.4 million views and nearly 485,000 likes. Hint: A high kick, cartwheel and split are involved. Read CityBeat's story about the library worker who has fully captured the internet's attention.

Photos: Inside the Wanton Sinners B&B, an 'Elegant Kinky Escape' in North College Hill
Just about everyone has a body part, experience or fantasy that revs their engines, right? For adults looking to explore the kinkier side of sex and intimacy, a stay at the Wanton Sinners B&B provides a safe space equipped with a wide range of kink toys and furniture. A spanking table, cage, paddles and more await Cincinnati's horniest visitors. See CityBeat's photos of the kinky escape.

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