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Adam Mysock

Adam Mysock

Adam Mysock, coordinator of ArtWorks' MuralWorks program, appears in two local shows this summer: Manifest Gallery's annual Magnitude 7 exhibition of small works through July 3 and Dicere Gallery's Exquisite Drawing, July 12-Aug. 16. Here are a few things that motivate this engaging artist. (Tamera Lenz Muente)

John Henry. Here's a man who lived and died because of his resolute devotion to manual skill, a man who spent his entire life perfecting his craft. This tall tale has always given me confidence to devote my time to a discipline as traditional as painting.

The Art Spirit by Robert Henri: A collection of the writings of a Cincinnati native, this book emphasizes absolute conviction and purpose in every artistic action. Living up to such righteous principles in every painting is difficult, but it's a worthy venture.

We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions by Bruce Springsteen. I play this CD a lot when I paint. It reminds me of the Folk traditions my work stems from while simultaneously demonstrating that storytelling is still alive.

The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Watching this Nickelodeon show when I was young exposed me to the concept that sometimes credibility doesn't solely rely on the real world. Sometimes plausibility should be left to an image's internal logic.

"Woman Holding a Jug" by James A. Porter. I find something about this painting to be efficiently beautiful. The painting's style is looser than my own, but it possesses an amazing stability and grace. It's the level of quality I aim for.

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