After-Christmas Shopping

Dec 31, 2008 at 10:37 am

With all the money you got from Grandma this year, it's time to do some after-Christmas shopping ... the fun kind ... for numero uno. —-

Have ever been anxiously adjusting your tuxedo before a wedding and thought "you know what would help right now, if I could not only securely fasten my cuffs but also store some computer files." Well, you're in luck. Tonia Welter has created hand-made 4GB USB flash drive cufflinks. The come from Germany and could be yours for the bargain price of $490. I think if you act now they come pre-loaded with German war secrets and spy plane schematics.

Automation is fun and technology is convenient. Here's the Smart Towel-Matic. A paper towel dispenser that has an electric eye and will dispense towels as you approach. This sounds like a good idea and works great in gas stations, but the design here is a little flawed. I'm convinced that you will have to grab the whole thing to rip the towel anyway. And what about cats, your cat would devour that. And how sensitive is the eye? If I'm walking around my kitchen in a big hurry, will I suddenly look up to see a huge pile of paper towels on the floor. And the thing is close to $50. My apartment came with a paper towel holder, it's called the counter. Maybe you should save this one for next year.

How much do you love your dog? I know you feed them and probably let them sleep in your bed, but do you really love them? Do you love them enough to get their hair made into yarn for you to make scarves and sweaters out of. Of course you do, and Betty Burian Kirk will help you do it. She says on her site that "handspun dog hair has a different quality that machine spun yarn" and "spinning dog hair is nothing new...Indians that lived on the northwest coast of America used it." The perfect gift of that annoying aunt who whines about rashes every time Fido jumps in her lap.

It's time to get something special for you. You deserve it.