Andre Hyland Raps with JT

Jun 28, 2011 at 10:18 am

We've been keeping an eye on the latest projects/schemes that Cincinnati-native Andre Hyland has been getting involved with out in Los Angeles. Don't believe us? Check out our Best of Cincinnati Staff Pick on Hyland (way at the bottom, sorry!), whose work since leaving town after his adventures on public access show Tracy, Dean & Jesus includes this hilarious video of “Tim Hutchins” walking around New York City using some type of Bluetooth contraption to explain wild stuff to someone, most of which involves his displeasure with America's lack of recycling bins.—-

Hyland's latest bit is an interview with the stars of the new movie Bad Teacher — Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and a couple other people you'll recognize from TV or movies but probably not know their names either — during which he explains how he is also a teacher and has gotten himself in a bit of trouble with his students:

“I did somethin' to impress 'em which was kinda a dumb idea – I told 'em that I knew everybody in the movie and that I was gonna go to the Spring Formal with the ladies from the movie so...”

Diaz looks particularly concerned, as if her PR person is doing off-set throat-slashing gestures before she can actually agree to go to his school. Timberlake doesn't bite at all, instead offering Hyland a beatbox to rap over, which he does. Enjoy:

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