Anissa Lewis and Lizz Godfroy

Inside Artists' Heads

Apr 30, 2008 at 2:06 pm
Lizz Godfroy and Anissa Lewis

Lizz Godfroy (left) and Anissa Lewis

During the month of May, artists Anissa Lewis and Lizz Godfroy are mounting a multimedia collaborative experiment called Vault, which opens Friday at Covington's Leapin' Lizard Gallery. Here, the duo shares their motivations, in their own words. (Tamera Lenz Muente)

Godfroy: Cooking meals and drinking wine with friends; Nabokov on a rainy day; that first day in spring when I can smell the earth again. I have always been a scavenger of sorts.I collect bits and pieces of life, discarded by strangers and nature, objects with history and a story to tell.

As a child I was encouraged to notice the details of life. I would pick up anything in my path: dead bugs, bits of colored glass, bones, broken figurines, anything with possibility.Cultivating stories and ideas, arranging objects and images, I am curator of my own museum. I combine these objects to create a larger, more complex story that I leave to the viewer to decipher.

Lewis: Waking up to a sun-filled room; Erykah Badu's remake of Chaka Khan's "Stay"; people who have less than me but do more with it than I can. Life is always profoundly beautiful. Being present in the everyday is so important: paying attention, being empathetic, participating, even enjoying great food. I work hard to fill my life with people, places and things that challenge me to do better. Good art cannot exist otherwise. My work is a resistance to complacency; every project is a lesson learned.

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