Art: Almost Certain at Aisle Gallery

Aisle Gallery will be opening an exhibition entitled Almost Certain, featuring the abstract paintings of Jeffery Cortland Jones and Paige Williams. Both artists are known for the reductive but nevertheless lush way they approach contemporary painting thr

Feb 17, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Its current exhibition, Almost Certain, features two series of abstract paintings by Jeffrey Cortland Jones and Paige Williams. Remarkably, this the seventh time these two painters have shown together. Even before they had met, Jones and Williams were running in the same circles; both are part of close-knit communities of local artists with shared aesthetic concerns. Yet they don’t get together and catch up very often. From previous local exhibitions, Williams’ paintings have the reputation of being colorful with designed minimalist leanings. So the biggest surprise in this body of paintings on paper is the near-total absence of color. For his part, Jones presents one series of paintings on plywood-like OSB panel and another series of small, transparent vellum works marked with black paint and installed ethereally across the entrance wall to the gallery space.The show runs Monday-Friday through March 27.

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