Art: Joan Snyder: Selected Paintings 1999-2007 at Solway Gallery

'Selected Paintings: 1999-2007' features recent work by Joan Snyder, a 2007 MacArthur Fellow whose brightly colored canvases are abstract but evoke nature by using such additive surface material as herbs, papier mache, straw and fabric. The result is you

Joan Snyder is one of a generation of painters who revived the most expressive parts of Abstract Expressionism to the shock and awe of a world after Minimalism. Since the late 1960s, the New Jersey-born Snyder’s paintings have made their way through any number of New York galleries and been shown in a solo exhibition at the Jewish Museum (2005) and the huge Wack! Art and the Feminist Revolution that traveled North America last year. In 2007 she was made a MacArthur Fellow and continues to work in Brooklyn and Woodstock. Her paintings are positioned in the discourse of Postmodernism and the circular argument of “post-post” we are treading presently. Her vocabulary of strokes, blossoms and chunky blocks is the tamest element of the paintings. Plant matter, paper pulp and who-knows-what have been collaged onto most of the surfaces.

Joan Snyder: Selected Paintings 1999-2007 is on display at the Carl Solway Gallery Monday-Saturday through April 18. Get information on the current exhibits at the gallery here.

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